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Seen to get legal status for the doctor population. One time renewable through your work permits to give us a chance to get their lives and better order and also address some of the broken immigration problems. We have US Senator Rob Portman Portman. Meanwhile, he's taking on government shutdowns with a new Bill Senator Rob Portman says his end government shutdowns act has twenty eight co-sponsors while it is still fresh in our minds as to what happened these last several weeks. Let's be sure that having gone through this bitter experience at the longest shutdown in history. We don't let people down bourbon says you'll be strongly pushing to include the bill's language in any final government funding. Bill in the next few weeks at the state house. Jared alad NewsRadio six ten WTVN the president. Meanwhile, they said to address a joint session of congress on February fifth for his second state of the union. Address where he will lay out his agenda for his third year in office, but the continued standoff about border while funding is also expected to play a big part in that speech ABC's. Brian Clark says a federal judge dismissed a hail Mary legal bid from two New Orleans Saints fans and still upset over the blown call in the NFC championship game to New Orleans. Saints fans filed a lawsuit asking a judge to force the NFL to implement a rule that allows the Commissioner to look into an extraordinarily unfair acts after an apparent penalty went uncalled potentially costing the saints a trip to the Super Bowl Wednesday Commissioner Roger Goodell said the rule was not relevant in this case. The Commissioner will not apply authority in cases of complaints. By clubs concerning judgmental errors, a routine ears by game officials and Thursday. A federal judge rejected claims those two were entitled to an order forcing the NFL to act. Brian Clark ABC news. Radio six ten WTVN sports..

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