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And you also go into it that you're going to have a new coach losing a guy like Sean Payton is losing a pillar of your organization. So losing a guy as big of a deal as Sean Payton, no quarterback. They're going to have to hit the reset button here a little bit in New Orleans so some of these guys that are getting up there in age or contractually are very, very expensive, might not make the most sense to hang on to and at this point for the saints. Yeah, I'll pass on Michael Thomas. I just boy. He's played 13 games in the last two years. You don't like slam boy? He fell off. He had one good year. They traded the wrong guy. They had to trade one of them. They traded the wrong guy. They should have kept branding cooks. But that's another point. I don't know, Brandon cooks. Michael Thomas, does Brandon cooks have Michael Thomas this season? Was that 2019 with Drew Brees? He had one really good besides that. I mean, basically, since that season, he's been hurt. Yeah. So I guess Michael Thomas is the peak, but if you want the extended like overall body of work, I'd be more impressed by Brady cooks. Marshall Latin was the one for me, 'cause we just talked about it. They needed second corner. And the documents of right now. But you talked about this on the last show, though. One of the biggest issues for the Patriots is they had a place zone and that forces their linebackers into coverage and that was a big problem. You have JC Jackson and Marshawn Lattimore opposite each other. Oh yeah, go play no zone. Right. Knockers don't have to cover anything. Go ahead. Then go ahead and get all whatever's first name is Chanel from Wisconsin. The 270 pound downhill kit. Leo right and all. You can have him running downhill all you want. If you got JC Jackson opposite Marshall added more. So if they're going to pick a piece off that roster, he's the guy to me, I guess if you want to go like pound for pound, considering he cost a ton. I can't imagine Cameron Jordan would be super expensive at this point. Yeah. And having him opposite Matthew judon, I think would be a nice little fit, but yeah that's where I'm at with that. By the way, Sean Payton is going to be back in the NFL. This is one year off, and then he's going to Dallas..

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