CNN, President Trump, JOE discussed on Mark Levin


Gone are the days of free speech and freedom of the press and I would remind freight Cuomo is a lawyer I guess on CNN what does it say the people must protest peacefully it's called the first amendment peaceably assemble peaceably assemble it doesn't say assemble and threw a Molotov cocktail first the president how could the nation unite around here but his enemies don't want the nation to unite around him unless it's his undoing that's been the problem since you decided to run for office but I'll ask a different question how can the nation unite around Joe by is he a force for unity some of the things he said but before I do that I want to listen to something we spent the first hour talking about Abraham Lincoln the second inaugural speech was all about harmony unity peace reconciliation reconstruction when you have the media that collectively our propagandists frantic isn't for fundamental transformation we have a media the truly hates the country as the modern media surely does I'm sorry I can give you chapter and verse on it if you don't agree with me how can we ever unite these are propagandists and democratic I want you to listen to this montage by the great gravy in sight you can hear people who are on TV you're gonna hear anchor people Ali Velshi don lemon Alisyn Camerota Baldwin Chris Cuomo you're gonna hear regular guests Eddie Glaude Donnie douche Jane Fonda Mitch Landrieu Dr Jennifer Harvey and robin deangelo and I want you to think about Lincoln's words and then the question will Donald Trump help unite us how can he unite us he's such a diverse of figure this is your media cut six go well if you think you're not racist you could.

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