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Our every of rabbi michael vetted budget of artists have over neighborhood all right hey we're gonna have before we go on with any other topics and i've got several uh but will keep it by the way everybody needs to go see the movie wonder okay take a towel amin my goodness uh it has dying it is the feelgood movie of the season i'm not going to say anything else go see wander michael i mean just take some time out it aljamal tse it's almost predictable it doesn't matter a just and it is the best movie so far as i know on bullying that i've ever seen so uh exquisite but we need to go to caller to how 'bout that let's go to steve uh steve you won't talk about church banking and i guess lonely or alter cookie sales cake baker heightened bakery well i get like the reached poking i only need 2030 star consume this is why i agree with the church baker okay uh because with god gave that lower to shame pull uh even though many change maturation squadron natural ones in the same way with manhole called band and naturally relations with with it in one plane look who else for one another committing indecent act without them being another verse kagame the more true depraved blind another verse therefore guy gave me more in the templeton lives of the heart to check showing purity degrading of the bodies with one another one other liens the encrytpion to talk and yet yet a alter sabas talk shows a lot easier to king fahd it all comes down to the body is a creator of the universe inspired by bible who are you going to believe someone order radio station you're going to believe god the creator of the universe he makes a wolf leaked out yet argue with guide all you work all guarantee bouquets to wear okay steve sixteen fake yup do you want to have any conversation about this you just want to make that statement right i would ordinary were god had ford i will video of what that human beings wrote down okay thank you very much i.

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