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This is where you'll give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world evening fifty five degrees at six o'clock I'm Donavan and here's what's happening mixed messages today about whether or not city public schools will reopen this year following the coronavirus crisis Blasio says no but governor Cuomo says this is not going to be designed that decided the next few days because we don't know I can't tell you what's this June is gonna look like I can't tell you what is going to look like New Jersey rolling out new social distancing rules another attempt to flatten the coronavirus curve that includes face masks on public transit prime is become a victim of the pandemic numbers are plunging not just in New York but in cities across the nation hi this is chocolate making considered an essential service some of us would say yes and that's what's been decided in the chocolate making nation of Belize taking with accu weather low forty four and partly cloudy tonight Easter Sunday will see a mild high of sixty three under a mix of clouds and sun we six oh one traffic and transit now with Russ Meyer well let's talk about the drive through Nassau and Suffolk and here is what we see on long island's big three the L. I eat is closed eastbound over by exit sixty one four Patchogue Holbrook road this is police activity blocking all lanes of the main roadway so you can use the service road to get around it meanwhile the northern state is okay at southern state parkway not a problem will lead over to New Jersey and just want to remind you of that as per governor Murphy real transit riders in New Jersey required to wear a face covering now this involves NJ transit trains buses and light rail as well as all private trans services here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels everything okay at the GWB the Lincoln and Holland tunnels looking good also north of the city on the spring brook over by Jackson Avenue in Greenburgh a stalled vehicle being cleared in Manhattan everything on the FDR and holographic drive west side highway and Henry Hudson parkway traffic in transit every ten minutes on the ones breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen I'm Russ Meyer all tinted windows coronavirus deaths in New York seem to be stabilizing but at a horrific rates that is the word today from governor Cuomo as reported seven hundred and eighty three new fatalities in the state since Friday bringing our total death toll to over eighty six hundred but again hospitalization and ICU admissions are sloping downward he has that the spread of the virus to Long Island and upstate New York seems to have stabilized as well an announcement from here to Blasio today that New York City schools will remain shuttered for the rest of the school year over concerns about the spread of the corona virus but that decision quickly challenged by governor Cuomo the two leaders apparently not on the same page about this is our Darius rats yes reports to close or not too close to different announcements on the fate of the school year in New York City announced today that the New York City public schools will remain closed for the remainder of this school year mehr divisor made that announcement Saturday but it was quickly unravel bike but Cuomo two hours later he didn't close them and you can open them the mayor's press secretary quickly responded with this declaration schools will remain closed a decision that the blouse you said didn't come lightly having to tell you that we cannot bring our schools back for the remainder of the school year is painful but I can also tell you it's the right thing to do but governor Cuomo says the decision needs to be made as a region and not by individual school systems it makes no sense for one locality to take an action that's not coordinated with the other Darius writes your ten ten wins at city hall mayor Blasio also announced plans to expand hours for the city's parental help line as well as technical support and to launch free new online activities and programs for students for seniors who are set to graduate this year the mayor says a full plan will be out next week just last hour on MSNBC the mayor responded to governor Cuomo's earlier comments on school opening snapping the mayor's decision always work with the state of New York always work with the governor but the bottom line is my responsibility M. I. responsibilities not to the federal government the state government and my responsibility is not to another elected official my responsibilities to those kids those parents those educators who need to be safe and my responsibilities to protect my people governor Cuomo still says that he won't ease up on restrictions aim to flattening the curve of the virus until he short safe to do that but how can we know when that is exactly the governor said today that he's concerned about triggering a second wave of infections so is assembling a task force to try to figure that out we're going to be putting together in New York a team of the best the mines that look at what happened and move on and look at what happened in Italy and the re opening and making sure that what we're doing is based on all the science available the governor says public health and the economy aren't mutually exclusive so triggering a second wave of infections would be a costly economic misstep he also says he's working with new Jersey's governor Murphy in Connecticut's governor Lamont to take a regional approach to rebuilding the economy as the FDNY and EMS continue to deal with an avalanche of medical calls they continue to battle coronavirus infections among their own ranks as well correspondent Evan McMorris Santoro reports more than seven hundred members of the fire department I have been diagnosed with covert nineteen just another blow for the city's first responders you know we've seen the police be hit very hard by this disease.

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