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In the nineteen ninety four classic filmed the shawshank redemption prisoners are strongly encouraged by their warden to embrace christianity in the hip netflixing series oranges the new black prison is shown is a place where religion is a constant and the chapel is a staple of life even under the state run banner john your ersan a professor of religion of university puget sound and author of god in captivity the rise of faith based prison ministries in the age of mass incarceration says these portrayals are rooted in reality she says the role of religion and american prison has been a constant from the beginning presidents have always been writer and apple and people turn down that perk creditors on our country where called penitentiary pair have that term but in pennsylvania and up in new york they were created by regulatory armored there would be more humane than what have they operate in either and rich hanging people banning people yeah you know they believe that he got an entry to become the quaker ironically and then i am because you can't penitentiary near philadelphia actually put people individual foul and pay clear prayer and reflection that they would be covered in her light to transform the no longer connect a criminal act even though the country values the separation of church and state hers and says the vast majority of prisons still remain religious hot beds of sorts about ninety four percent of all eight and federal iraq have religious programming as a really central part of how they operate go on any given day they'll have local groups which depending on where they're located in the country but generally tend to be more eighty and christian and i mean crowded nondenominational christian hearing bible study worship service but also at eight have been unable here on the program and credit if it taken over a lot of options that could have done that they do drug addiction brain trauma counselling the education and other programs that might have been conducted by that are people chronicle back according to hers and these christian ministries can often be the only access prisoners have to certain services.

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