Langston Hughes, Indianapolis discussed on First Day


This is for the kids who don't black kids will die certainly the which will live long as always eating blood and goals letting kids stuff Langston Hughes right this is an outrageous acts of violence and and are starting the address is Indianapolis few words can be said to truly help the people of Indianapolis who have lost people to gun charge or the blade of a knife yet words are to maintain the level of gun violence is unacceptable words to tell everyone else it will be alright even as the violence in the streets mounts and breaks records for many women of the I. anti are responsible for the safety of the citizens more from the city you are about to hear how the violence affects you it might take my life in my hands walking out of the stadium you are about to hear the attempts at explanation and what some of the leaders believe might be solution we already know from the neighborhood that's why we have asked tenuously where's the outrage what seems to be a lack of outcry or rage rage but I think the most effective way of addressing that is funny we're about to hear the story that's just like four six two the story of violent crime in Indianapolis no it's not just one zip code acted by the crime in Indy no matter where you live in.

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