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Local theater company that's taken the drive through route. Theatre in the round in a parking lot. Yeah, very experimental. It is that it is, you know is like, just jump out the air plane with no parachute, you know? Teacher take. It's a big time movie star help Set the stage for live theater in south L. A. That's the next greater Ella Tomorrow one in 6 30 on W. Want to give some love to some folks that are supporting Kcpw Tyrus Miller in Irvine, who just became a member Suzanne 11 listening in Portland, Oregon, is a brand new member. Welcome to the family. Issac Rosen, who rejoined Thank You so much Welcome back to the family. And Dennis Miller listening in Evanston, Illinois, who is also a brand new members. So if you've never been a member head over to Casey dot com slash give, you can check out all the wonderful Thank you gifts we have, but most importantly know that you're part of a family that that really wants to be here for you, sonically and with information and civility, and I think that's so important today. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to left right and centre and heard something that I disagreed with, But I appreciated the fact that I learned something different and new. And if that adds value to your life 806 100 K C R W let's jump into a new one for my man, Omar Apollo This one title kamikaze. It's K C. R W Of me, Our lady..

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