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As a crazed mob religiously assaults officers trying to keep them from getting inside the capital's officers who were there describing utter pandemonium, they look like a medieval battle scene. Um there's some of the most brutal combat I've ever ever encountered The scenes so chaotic the mob so hell bent that rioters trampled. The woman identified as Roseanne Bolin later died. BBC's chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas, reporting. Ah, covert 19 vaccine in the pipeline is showing some very good results. Novavax Reporting that preliminary data from a U K study shows it is 89% effective. Stanley ERK is Novavax CEO started just after Christmas. It's designed and have vaccinated 30,000 people in the trial, and I think we're a little over 16,000 right now. Expectation is that trial will be fully recruited s somewhere in the early to mid February and a promising sign for another covert 19 vaccine still in development. With Johnson and Johnson, who says it's single shot vaccine is 66%, effective at preventing symptomatic disease 85% effective against preventing severe illness. Vaccines from Fizer and Moderna. Both are reporting about a 95% success rate against symptomatic disease, but they require two shots. Doctor Damn. Arush, one of the vaccines, developers tells ABC News that Americans likely won't be able to choose which vaccine they received, but says all three are reliable options. All these vaccines appear to be safe and highly effective, and so right now the most important thing is for people to get vaccinated. I think it's less important about the the different pros and cons amongst the different vaccines. Right now. We're in a situation where we need to protect lives and down to the Cape, where officials in a number of Cape Cod towns say the state's role out of covert vaccines has made it Challenging to get the shots in Vail meth town manager Julian Suso says the vaccine supply is low in the state is giving little notice and how much will be available and when for what he says, is now a confusing process over and sandwich officials say the town could not commit to covert vaccine clinics for its more than 2000 residents over the age of 75. Fire chief John Burke says the state supply isn't nearly enough amount of vaccines and we've been told by the state we're going to receive per week is 100. At that rate, he says it would take years to vaccinate the entire town, talking a year and a half two years at that drip rate of vaccines to vaccinate that subset population. Those problems stretch across the Cape. As Barnstable County says. In addition to a low vaccine supply, their help line is still being flooded by senior citizens confused and had a book an appointment. Him done. WBZ. Boston's news radio Staying informed is.

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