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In France back at his luxurious accommodation is Luke Smith. We have Jess mcfadden and in the UK, Matt Q as well. All right, Luke, we'll start with you as you are there. Were we denied a great race today? Would Ferrari have managed it or did Red Bull have the pace? You've looked at the lap times, what do you reckon on Verstappen's win today? I think we were denied what would have been a very close race between Verstappen and the clerk and even on Verstappen's radio on his in lap is engineered GP sets in well done and quite a kind of said yeah sort of a bit of a shame really that they didn't get a chance to have a proper fight because I think it would have been very, very close. I think we saw in that early phase of the race just how close Verstappen was getting to leclerc and Verstappen said afterwards he was actually surprised by the tiny margin. He was surprised that he could get close and follow quite well. He thought leclerc would be much, much faster. So I was setting up really, really nicely. We know that Red Bull brought in Verstappen quite early, but they were thinking more and more about going for the one stop they thought ty Doe wasn't as bad as they were expecting. So they wanted to get that undercut, get Verstappen in and get him ahead. They would have had track position, but then you'd end up in this position where Ferrari would have probably kept leclerc out a little bit longer. Then brought him in, switched him onto the heart and he'd have had that tyre delta against Verstappen and it would have been this probably reverse cat and mouse game that we saw in the first stint where yeah, Verstappen would have been ahead of the leclerc leclerc had the fresher tires would have been able to catch Verstappen, get ahead of him. Would either of them have considered a second stop. I think it would have been a really good race. So yeah, just a shame that unfortunately we were denies what would have been, I think, a really good finish and yeah, as you said, the title fight, it just takes another step towards looking like it's a bit of a foregone conclusion, unfortunately, a lot can swing, but 63 points is a huge huge lead for Max Verstappen to have as we near the summer break. And max sang that his Formula One championship with Charles Leclerc is bigger than it should be given Ferrari's performance compared to Red Bull. Nobody wants a hollow victory, but all sports people will take the victory because sometimes you create your own luck and sometimes there is just luck. So he'll still take the points, but max still wants a fight in the title. He doesn't want his walk to it, or just or win by default. He's what I'm trying to ham fist Italy say. So look, when you're talking or hearing from the drivers afterwards, what were their reactions? Because from the coverage that we saw on TV, Charles Leclerc took this one completely on the chin and said, hands up, this is all on me. The nose scream over the radio. I think that's going to go down in, yeah, F one radio infamy, I think it was it really just summed up Charles mood there and he was naturally just devastated of throwing it away as he did, but he was as he said he did put his hands up very, very quickly afterwards. There was a bit of confusion even from people in the media center myself included when he said about the throttle over the radio, so it was sort of a suggestion of a question afterwards that we were thinking, oh, okay, was it down to was it similar issue to what we saw in Austria? But it wasn't. He was talking about being stuck on the throttle as he was trying to actually get out of the wall, but the engine wasn't giving any talk, so he couldn't get out of there. The men's race was over. But yeah, he was in the media penny came and saw us, and he was naturally very, very frustrated. He basically said, look, this is all on me. And with the champs, he said, yeah, I've got stop doing stuff like this. I can't expect to win a championship with it. If I keep throwing away these opportunities and these leads and I think it's been a real, I think a real hard weekend for him. I think this is another race where Ferrari could have won should have won and they've thrown it away. The clerk threw away for them today. And it just looks like a race at yeah, it's very, very tough to see how things are going to swing around unless far I got a real runner form and Verstappen and Red Bull start dropping the ball, which they're not doing Verstappen. He said, today that, yeah, you've got to take the points when they come to you. You've got to get what you can. We saw that in Austria where, yeah, he didn't have the pace to win, but picked up a solid second place, and that was very, very good for his bigger championship picture. Same thing again today. The outright pace, I think it was very, very close between them, but the sapp has come away with a massive massive step forward in the title race. He was, I think, naturally very, very pleased with the performance but he said, look, we still need to find more. We still need to take another step forward because Ferrari is so strong right now. And I think that it's just a shame that we've got two teams who are so evenly matched to drivers. I think with the racing with real respect for each other to great young talents, but at the moment we're not getting the kind of tight fight we should be. And unfortunately today, that was all down to Charles Leclerc's mistake. Let's start with the discussion on Charles Leclerc and that title of battle Jess. How hard should we be on him? Because I think it's fair to say, although we don't pick favorites, he's a very likeable person. He's a great sports person role model in that when he messes up, he doesn't say, oh, well, you know, the car was loose at the rear end and it went round. He went, I made a mistake. I think it's a great, you know, he's genuinely also a really nice guy. But how hard should we be on him because Verstappen and Hamilton and world champions don't make these kind of mistakes too regularly? What are your thoughts on Charles Leclerc's championship battle? Yeah, it's a tough one because I guess to be honest, I mean, we're the media, right?

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