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Well i think uh ba we could approach that question from a number of different angles i think there's you know the financial question where're at this point were watching this race uh between a you know e e what's going to implode i this this student loan a bubble laura this idea that colleges valuable bubble right um i think the sooner the the latter implodes the better because there are so many people marching and you're a you know look colleges and universities like it's the thirteenth grave gets absolutely mandatory to have any success in life and you know i see a lot of people who are leaving college in a worse position to succeed uh especially with a lot of these you know humanity these in in social sciences major's that are becoming increasingly popular today there in a worse position to achieve success than they were when they went into college four five six years earlier so um there's that angle i mean the the the social aspect of college um i worry i i you know i think it's a great place to who become a stronger um you know adults if you're a white male because you know everybody is lining up against you uh in your very bad and you're getting it from all sides so you're actually getting this kind of personal fortification which is kind of like the opposite to intention that i think a lot of those people are are trying to have frights i think there's there's you know a coddling um there's a lot of.

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