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Yeah they haven't done anything yet yet we just watch the three hour movie watch too there's gonna be another can we say that that doesn't all right so there's another film coming down the line next year yeah there's a thing called a time base though you know i think i think iraq i think they didn't know what black panther was i think it will probably look different in the next movie i think it very well could be one of the things speaking of a kanda so alan silvestri did the music for this genius he was able to we've every single person's individual theme from their movie into this movie and even when cap is i saying when they're like l only we had a place where the technology could get this thing and help vision and cap alike i know a place and you hear doom to to two and you hear these legs black panther theme like that actually the only time i noticed that the winner that do that with the other characters oh and captain captain america they use his from capitol where he's behind train well sylvestry did for a little venture and he i think he also did adventures yeah the first slated captain america's the first avenger and then the first avengers film it's funny you bring this up and so i'm going to push back a little bit on this i didn't like them you sick in the really i didn't i thought it was way too on the nose hollywood style so it's almost like.

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