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Lot of them with smoke inhalation doors were locked after that said oh my god we can never have anything like that happen again they changed fire code they change policies and they have never had anything like that at the end film considering this kind of a watershed momma per vegas where it says what do we do now so that this never happens again and what we don't want to turn las vegas a place where people come to have a great time anka forget all their trouble inchoate thiel bearing it is a very very difficult situation now when you came in were you would all fearful of the next attack were that just blew now no not at all the guy wouldn't that no either you know i don't let that way and in fact when i went to um mccarron airport to the arrivals area later on monday uh again all light but again at the monday afternoon october people were there i said hey japanese tackle second thoughts about coming if they will think yeah but you know to come because some tournament and others were like no you can't learn that way so you didn't for example take your producer and make sure the producer was between you and the crowd that was sitting outside right on what you want me very well no no i i um i i believe i live in a bubble that impervious to all evil and so far at work you got it all right thank you all right jane wells we'll be right back kfi am six forty okay for jobs news update well the shooting in vegas has prompted security changes at the hollywood would full officials with the la county sheriff's department say there are no specific or credible threats in the la area but more police will be on patrol for certain events in the coming future house.

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