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I've never heard tracking at work aren't leaving their poop everywhere so you know and then we put up the doggie bag that don't curb and now giving them every opportunity to take care of their pet because in our community where we're we don't have a lot of apartments that expect animals so one being a contemporary apartment it plus being a pet friendly apartment you know they're gonna try and adhere the best they can as you know we have all kinds in the apartment community but most part they're all pretty you know they all do what they're supposed to do so they have to deposit a print when they give you the deposit to move in round do that what we do is that amount that if collected for the pet be the nonrefundable pet biko's towards that food print registration so you make them dog stand there until he has to go to the bathroom or what not really not really but what i really wanted to tell you about this study story about landscaping when you mentioned it i gave my son just graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago and we had family in town and my husband wanted to show his mom and dad the apartment so he drove them around and he showing them the apartments and and his dad said to my husband he goes so you give your landscaper free rent for mowing the lawn and that just cracked me up unless like this was a funny story that he asked if we gave our landscaper's free rent for mowing the line so that would be run like a four plex no that's that's all my theory about giving you yeah no no that's good that you you're laughing at that because that is one of my pet peeves of all times your lamenting valet waste who's picking that waist up.

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