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Listening to birds at sunrise, and enjoying the smells and sounds of the morning in the yard and garden. In doing that, I realized I was happy and grateful. Yet the pandemic still exists yet yet civil unrest -rageous You may have heard this quote by Tibidot Han. WHO said quote when the crowded Vietnamese refugee boats met with storms or pirates? If everyone panicked, all would be lost. But, if even one person on the boat remained calm and centered, it was enough. It showed the way for everyone to survive unquote. These are the questions to ask ourselves during these times. Questions to help us remain centered, and that picked up and carried off by fear anxiety. Anger. Rage ask yourself. What does it mean to you to be calm and centered? ASK YOURSELF IN TIMES OF TROUBLE? Can you embrace what you are feeling? Ask Yourself. How did you survive a fearful experience or one of complete? Before. I heard a Dharma talk by. A celebrity. This this summer earlier on quote being with uncertainty in these times. She read the poem. Blessing the boats by the Lake Port, Lucille Clifton Black woman. I'll read it here. Blessing the boats. At Saint Mary's. May the tide that is entering even now. The lip of our understanding. Carey you out. Beyond the face of fear. May you kiss the wind. Then turn from it. Certain. That it will love your back. May you open your eyes to water? Water waving forever. And may you in your innocence sale through this to that? I think the last line in this poem was what Greg Creech was getting at. This the line. May I sail through this to that? This is about finding away for each of us individually to sail through this to that. It's about finding a way to sail. Not Struggle This is the practice of staying with the discomfort and allowing it moment by moment. As? Life, life. From this to that. The blessing of permits, which is the movement from this to that? CAN Spark a growth of equanimity. By remembering the big picture, the bigger perspective. As. My teacher Reverend Clayoquot Bossy says. means we each need to do what we have to do to keep sailing and for each of us. That's a little different. Depending on the boat were in. and. This takes us back to Greg creech and his comment about despite the fact that we are all dealing with uncertainty with loss with anxiety with fear with confusion with depression and anger. These emotions are ultimately our own, and we each need to find a way to coexist with at all. So stay tuned for.

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