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Oil's down for 10 percenter 17 cents at $40.39 a barrel, and Comex gold is up 9/10 percent, or $15.70 at 18 17. 80. Announce the euro 1.1344 against the dollar. The yen 107.23 Tom and Paul Karen, thanks so much will continue to work somewhere because clearly the opening ofthe is greater than what we saw. With the future's activity earlier, but I've been trying to do is speak to experts, not pundits, not people speaking with not a lot of authority and what you do when you want to talk vaccines, you talk to a physics major. We do that now. Matthew Harrison joins for Morgan Stanley. He's got parchment from yellow and physics, and that has prepared him for the physics of biotechnology. And vaccines is well, Matthew on a given weekend when you're not surrounded by institutional investors hanging on your every by holding cell, and someone waxes philosophical about vaccines. What's the number? One thing? The public gets wrong right now about this search for a silver bullet. I think the biggest thing that I hear concerns around mutations and the time that it takes to make a vaccine. I think there are two different things that are happening right now. One is that the key part of the virus that we're trying to go after the spike protein to create a vaccine has been relatively genetically stable. We have not seen any significant mutations there yet. That gives me a positive view on the potential to make a vaccine. And then the second thing is While the timeline here dramatically faster than what we've experienced in the past, the flipside is rarely have we done so many items in parallel as we're doing now. So, for example, just with manufacturing, you would never invest the amount of money. Make supply of vaccine available after phase one.

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