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Film diner so I have a big class over three hundred students in Norse Frank Sinatra Hall at Norris Theater and the class we now move the start time but used to be seven. Pm Till Eleven PM. That's a long long sit you know? And it's the end of the day and But if you have a good film and a good guest you know it's worth it so he's just explain the reason it's that long as he lectures for an hour then they watch film which two hours and then at the end of the film they do a Q. and A. With the guest two guests may be and then the students. Pardon me get to ask questions as well So I'm I was cognizant of the fact that some people were in parking lots that close at a certain hour and that eleven. Pm CUTOFF. That really was was important. Every now and then I'll let it run long. So Judd is former stand up comic. He loves an audience and he's just very very funny naturally funny guy so He was having a good time and most of the students were having a good time. But it's crept toward eleven o'clock. I didn't want to interrupt him. Interrupt the flow. What you're saying but about eleven o eight or nine. I said look. If some of you you know. Have to go It's okay but I'M GONNA keep talking to Judd and just said I got news for you. My wife's out of town. I GOT NOWHERE TO BE I. I'm not leaving and that got around of applause from the remaining students and I said don't feel funny if you have to get up and go and as people are getting up and leaving. He's saying you'll never can never succeed in show business very funny and wild night man. This hard ones favored interview Katherine Hepburn. Who I interviewed on four separate occasions but they were all all wonderful but the first time was extraordinary. One of the most memorable days of my life partly because I was in her home in her townhouse on in the east forties and she was colorful and blunt opinionated. An ideal interview you know and it's Katherine Hepburn and it's Katherine Hepburn. Damn right people always ask who you wish you could have interviewed Walt Disney. That's the that's the go to and I feel like not a surprise but also who would argue really you know who would argue with that I think it's it's It's been really special. You've gotten to interview so many So many people who have worked with whether it's walt or hitchcock Getting to hear stories from people directly. Oh sure is. It's really special and becoming friendly with waltz oldest daughter Diane and her late husband Ron Miller. That was really a gift. Absolutely and Diane is the reason that The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco exists. And it's it's a wonderful place. We cannot recommend it enough It's it's special. It's the family. And the reason that she wanted if there was so that it would be separate and she and her husband lived there of course but also part of it was sort of just separating in a bit. It's not it's not a corporate museum. Now this is about Walt Disney. And it's beautiful. I've never had anyone go and say oh. No it's very very very special. We recommend you go whenever you can I'm trying to think I have a list. Lord help us because a little this I have a little list Well my buddy Josh Rouse said. How did you get such a handsome son-in-law good taste josh? I have good I. I raised help. Raise a smart kid who chose well. Yeah dumb as a post but handsome. He's very smart. I promise a pulp serial our friend. There he wants no. What are your top five favorite movie serials? Oh my all time. Favorite is the adventures of Captain Marvel. Yes republic pictures with Frank. Cognate Juniors Billy Batson. I got to know. Frank was a delightful guy and Tom Tyler as Captain Marvel and I also met Whitey. All Billy Benedict pound film. It's it's it's a terrific terrific cereals. It's just just about the best. I also love daredevils of the Red Circle Another Republic nineteen thirty nine Zoro's fighting legion. Do Not Love Yours Fighting Legion. Well sign but you love it man. He shows it to his students. And there's almost always a really significant divide people go. Yeah that's sure if it makes you happy Leonard and then Flash Gordon because there's just never a bad time for flags. Yeah so good so much fun. Last time I show Flash Gordon Villain mercilessly as a great. Charles Middleton yes I showed Flash Gordon you know Chapter Week Some time ago in my class and I I have students from all over the campus. I mean every department Students and one of the athletes came to me but for five weeks in and he had apparently told his his coach. He was watching. Flash Gordon coach points of the wall. Where this kind of an honor roll of names including Usc Olympic champion Buster CRABB. And so he liked that. Yes leading. Those Steve Geller. As long as you've gone without seeing a movie in a theater Are you watching at home differently than you normally would maybe adding popcorn concessions candy sodas dimming the lights mortgage tried to replicate the experience? And how much do we miss them? Stephen Gray we miss you just every every waking moment we miss you much every waking mall. Well I do miss going to the movies I miss seeing good movies. That that's a big one because a lot of you know the indie films that have been opening during this this period and I wanted to last night. That was just genuinely awful and I just sucks when you watch that movie just so you know. I'm not going to any special lanes because during this period during this self quarantine period I have lost a great deal of ambition. Yes so I'm not dimming. The lights are on the popcorn but but I'm watching movies. Most that watching older movies. Yes Josh deal says at. What is your favorite While Disney treasure title and why in The Walt Disney treasures series? I think I'd like that fine Well the one that was the most satisfying to get to do was a called on the front lines. All the World War Two Instructional and training propaganda morale building films at plus the complete victory through air power which used to be impossible to see anywhere something that gave me great satisfaction loving involved with that John Rocca. Our Buddy says was there a director actor producer? Who passed unexpectedly before you could get one more interview with them after the last one left you with so many more questions and what was going to be your first question of that next interview. Oh it happened on no. I don't feel I don't feel that sense of being cheated. Yeah that doesn't mean that I wouldn't want our I'll give you good. I'll give you a good one when I was in my teens and publishing film. Fan Monthly still living with my parents in Teaneck New Jersey. The next town over paramus had one of the first shopping malls in America called the Bergen Mall and the Bergen Mall had a A theater that was on the straw hat circuit city used to call it. the The playhouse on the mall it was called. And they had touring companies of shows and A lot of older movie stars and character actors came through and there was a play that Melvyn Douglas had Star started on Brokaw sponsored a very minor enjoyable little show and Hans. Conrad Brought it to play House on the mall and I've been trying to get to interview some of the other people who've been there and I try going through their publicists who feigned helpfulness but never delivered. They never came through and a friend of mine. Said you don't need it. Goes well publicised. You can just walk backstage and knock on the dressing room door so on a Friday night on a Friday night. That's what I did watch. The show enjoyed the show and then went backstage. Knock knock con contrary comes to the door and a very imposing man he was and I said fumbling -Ly Halamish concrete emigrate at Mar Yours and I publish a little magazine for movie buffs and I'd love to interview you about your film career and took the magazines to look at them and said we can never presume. We could never presume to delude. Someone as young as you that I ever had anything resembling film career. I said well you've been in a lot of movies and I'd love to talk to you about. We'll find come back on hour before curtain on Monday and I did just that with my trusty tape recorder and he. He needed very little makeup a prep for the show. Sweet talk for about fifty minutes and come back tomorrow night and I did. And we talked again and came back a third night holding Seventeen so And he was just terrific. He was a great raconteur wonderful wonderful stories. But at that time I had no interest in in radio INVI in old top. What we now call old time radio so I didn't ask him a single question about radio and when I did get myself. Hooked on old time radio and wrote an entire book about a cold. Great American broadcast. I found myself in the untenable position of not having asked the busiest actor in radio history. Anything about radio just so. That's where I wish I could turn back the clock and get it right. Dan wants no misadventures of Merlin. Jones or monkey's uncle is nice is either is neither acceptable answer yet. No offense to Tommy kirker cello or the beach boys This person would like to know. His name is Leonard. Maximum overdrive would like to know who? What is your favorite Vincent Price Film? Oh well I'm as a kid. I was fond of the House on Haunted Hill. Share and the Tingler were both Schlocky. Movies a William Castle movies in fact. I don't think he would point to that. The one that I'm going to draw blank on on the one that I was. GonNa think of hang on Theodora blood. Is that what? It's called? Looks at trustee device their device. Because I think that's the one well I like the Raven very much Which is again a spooky film with in which he co Star with the Peter. Laurie and a young Jack. Nicholson what did you think? Boris Karloff. Pardon me fitter of blood nineteen seventy-three Vincent price the one. That's the one nail that the gentile rarin great name. How does it feel after all these years to help save the world from Mecca streisand? Oh well I've been basking in the glow of that achievement. Ever since it happier 's years decades now decades. If you don't know watch the episode of South Park with my dad in any chance. The two of you can host a documentary show on Disney plus talking about the history of Disney animation. That is in the hands of the folks at Disney plus. Yeah man that would be lovely. I would think that's really really cool. Would love to do it. But you never know Andrew Snow. We've ever walked out of the film. Well we have two sets of rules a home rules. You have to get to twenty minutes of a movie if you get to the twenty minutes and you want to jump off a bridge you can turn it off though still I will say you more than me will try to give something Even more I have gotten to the point. Where as you like to say it never gets better Is as I was. I watched this movie last night. I think my husband and I watched an hour and ten minutes of it and I just went. No no my life is too short. It's terrible and I'm turning it off But you it's it's harder. It's harder at Edith. Y'All it's inertia and then masochism walking out of the theater other than the one. Is there any other than the ones we know? Well you walked out a zoo lender to which he wrote a review about and that was the headline in my review was why I walked out of zoolander two because having seen the entire movie I didn't feel I could do a proper movie review correct and then there's the one you had to walk out of because of me. Yes but I don't think as a kid He had to walk out of it. I think it was two two movies. I wanNA say Beethoven and then That huck Finn because they were not made for children advertised. I went running anything else though. I don't think well when we were I. I think it was when we were just married. Your mother and I went to see we lived on the west side of Manhattan and we went to the side to see a new movie based on a book by Joseph. Wamba was a former COP wrote about. La Police mostly call the choirboys about The the misadventures of a bunch of rowdy cops and Alice said This is disgusting. I WANNA I wanNA leave and I said I don't walk out of and she said are you enjoying this..

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