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Hello internet. This is. i don't know. I guess it's the internet. Podcast people It's andy richter with another episode of The three questions. Yeah that's what it's called. And i'm really happy today to be talking to phoebe bridges Who is an amazingly talented Artist singer songwriter and Get a wise beyond your years. You get that kind of thing I feel like only from relented carson this. Yeah of course. I from people who are trying to fuck me. You know like i feel like boy. I stepped up on the rights of alexis. My mom like i feel like my friends are like god. You're such an idiot. You're like like when people only know my music and haven't seen like my twitter or whatever. Sometimes i get a while. I laughed so loud this like topped out. My mark from toxin talked out. So that's a really good sign. But yeah i feel like i've only mostly got that from people who've actually met me From like yeah people. Because i don't feel wise beyond my ears. You i feel or if i'm one years i feel like thirty you know and i'm twenty six so i feel i feel maybe like a couple years off but not like i don't feel very wise. Yeah all right now you are. You are as so cal native you. Have you heard this show at all. You know this show at all. Yeah okay good. Oh good so you know that it's kind you know the your we're going to get into your history here. Koa all right all right are you. Are you in therapy. May i ask yes and have you been for awhile home. Yeah i you know. I think he just kind of try stuff. I didn't know if i likes it. And phnom trying to new thing I was in talk therapy for while. And then i was like who try. Em are that is one is that now. It's the one where they basically traumatize you. And then they come new down with like lights and touch. And you're yeah. It's very hippy. Dippy and i went once and then the pandemic started and so now. I just talked to that therapist on zoo. And we don't talk again but i really like her huge rocks did it..

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