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The burning weed when its roots inhale exactly there's nothing else that could mean unless it happened to be the person's last name. And then it would be a very unfortunate choice to go ahead and put that on your plate. Arsonist? Yeah. Probably not. And all I could think driving behind the plate was don't you get pulled over all the time. You would think if you're because you okay, yes, we're right on the verge of legalizing it, in fact will be talking about that later on they actually have come to terms now. But still it's it's something that is a legal. It's something that a cop could find in your car. It's something that you could get busted for and you've got it advertised on your license plate blazin. Why would you wanna do anything to your car that could be a reason for a cop to polio? Why attract more attention, exactly, right? So I started thinking about other things and came up with a shortlist. And maybe maybe my list is incomplete. But I thought of not only things like that. Like, okay. He never did it. But I had a friend same kind of idea. He wanted to get a personalized plate that said beer, be ER just drive around with beer. Now that's going to get noticed by especially if you get a little out of your lane. Oh, if you're right, exactly. And unless you're a distributor or something. Then you really, basically, you're deciding. Why would you wanna advertise it and the shortlist of other things I thought of like if you're a person who ever drove around with tinted windows, you know, that that's going to be a magnet for cop. True is just an excuse. Right. Why would you wanna tint your windows, and then just invite being pulled over once a month or once a week? Maybe even I don't know. And here's one I think about every time I see it. I don't know what these things are called. But you know, those plastic covers that are clear that go entirely over your license plate and the sole purpose for them. It's not actually to keep your license plate clean. It's so that if like say a toll booth camera takes your picture it's supposed to blur the image on photography. That's why they sell these things, and they're very obvious. If you're if I'm a cop, and I'm behind somebody. It's very clear to tell what that is even if it's not illegal per se. The cop knows why you have it that you want to get away with say toll of aiding or something. And then the cops is gonna notice you and start really the tiniest little thing. You do wrong. He's gonna pull you over excuse me. I'm sorry. And then another thing more common. Maybe people who leave those dealer license plate frames or even by a Yankees license plate frame where it's covering up the tiny little bit of the lettering. But yet the cops can do pull people over for that just by hearing about that on the show. I mean, I've never gotten pulled over for as soon as I got my last car, which was a used car, but from a dealer first thing, I did was take off the license plate frame. Right. Of course. My son didn't got a ticket for it. But things like that. Like, why would you keep it on your car or everybody knows obscured obscured vision, obstruction of you, whatever if you have something hanging from the rear view mirror of size. Why do you do that? Why do you have the be all back in the day was like the little Roach clip with a huge feathers? Those more common. I think it's the Tassell from high school. But why would you do that knowing that this is something that this gives a cop the reason to pull you over? So if you ever had any of these types of things on your car weren't you getting pulled over constantly? That's what I wanna know. Why have them weren't you just kind of inviting trouble by doing certain things to your car like this? Our phone number is one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five, and as I mentioned my son had two of those. He had the Star Wars air freshener around. His stormtrooper cartoon stormtrooper around his rear view mirror. And and the cop pulled him over for speeding and just gave them all this other stuff on the license plate and the air fresheners, obstructed views. You mentioned it's like, what are you thinking? You know, I guess he doesn't know any better since he's twenty two. And but I just I just would never do any of those things after hearing so many people who got tickets from from the police over the years. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And I mean, the tinted windows this is. Is something that people go out of their way and pay good money for and I've never quite understood. It what? Now, unless you're going to say, if you've got a medical note from a doctor, and you truly have something wrong with your eyes. That's different that I understand. That's just something. Maybe then you just have to deal with it. But I'm saying short of a medical reason for having tinted windows. Why would you wanna bother because that you know, that cops are going to bother you all the time. I've even heard of people who got pulled over like once every other week for tinted windows, and they would have to sit there the side of the road and the cockpit trying to determine if the tent was, you know. Not too dark to be illegal or why why bother going through with your life. I I've never done it. I've never had anything plate frame on your car right now. No. Did you take it off to come with one? I'm trying to remember I possibly did. I honestly can't remember it's been going on like four years. I can't really four years old. It looks good. Last time. I washed it was I think three years old. To see in the dark when we leave. Exactly. That's what it takes. If you saw it in the daytime he and now that it's staying light later. Yeah. You'll see it's not so Purdy high. But we wanna know are you one of those cop magnets, have you ever had a car that for whatever reason? Oh, here's another one. You could add to the list, and if I'm leaving anything off this list, certainly add it yourself. What about just controversial bumper stickers? What if you have now not that this in and of itself ought to make you get stopped that would not be fair. But what if you have not only a black lives matter bumper sticker? But then you have other things that are more blatantly kind of like just yelling at police, isn't that just going to ask for trouble. Yeah. You've got your right? Yeah. Read them, a speech all that. But like, why would you wanna do it yourself? I dunno bake them. And then record them. I don't know. Yeah. Some people are activists to that point. Or like you ever see these guys with the marijuana leaf sticker? Same thing is like the blazin license. But why what why would you wanna turn your car into a cop magnet? Have you ever had a car like that? And was it worth all the hassle? One eight hundred six eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years. New Jersey fast.

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