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Okay all right well thank you thank you and how do you feel about your son do you think he'd be okay handling being and authorise user i'm one of your cards i think he'd be okay but that the every month crude after cowie of what were hit were his expenses and motor my expenses and then you have to reimburse me it's just a little messy not that hard you know with online access to accounts and they break them down by card number mmm so you should be able to tell which is which are his charges in what he owes you each month verses what's yours he would get a separate credit card with a separate credit card number that depends on the issuer but even when an issuer issues cards was same number they usually no individual issuers individual users based on information with that card being processed electronically of at its depends on the issuer itself okay so whatever works best for you and your own family though is what you should do bob amy is with us on the clark howard show hi amy how are you doing make quite sure feeling great and feeling great thank you um i have a question for you my husband and i are retiring at the end of this month and we're moving from california texas where i understand they don't tax retirement income and slurred snow income tax and taxes so first of all you sound like you're retiring in your 30s.

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