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Accused of contributing to the deadly opioid epidemic. Paul smith. Lieutenant in the fire department is accused of running not one but two drug rings in Orange County with meetings allegedly being held at the very firehouse. He's assigned to twenty people were arrested a series of fifteen early morning raids police recovering guns and cash but cocaine marijuana steroids in the heart of the operation looking to make four additional arrests. In this case in ten Smith has been suspended from the fire department, but as the quote alleged ringleader in this is looking at. Fifteen years to life in prison. If convicted ABC's Marcus Solis who also says that this firehouse where the drug ring was be headquartered was in Middletown New York about an hour and a half out of New York City for many families, the safe environments an important factor in where they decide to live Mesa mayor John Giles address, how the city's crime rate has decreased this last year we experienced a seven percent drop in violent crime compared to the previous of that. And had hundreds of fewer property crimes as well. Mesa. Was recently ranked the ninth safest big city in the nation coming up on five fifteen here's what we're working on this afternoon in the KTAR newsroom, February is heart month. And it's not just because it's Valentine's Day. That one in four Americans die from heart disease, family physician. Jacob Anderson says there's plenty of ways to keep an eye out on your hearts health. You know that an exercise are profound in their ability to prevent heart attacks and cardiovascular disease late in life..

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