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Yes so you kind of you kind of said okay. Science can be fun and you can get excited about science. And that's that's something it's not nothing it's a and science to people that are that are upside academia in other domains appeared boring and nonsensical even at times. And the fact that you have someone in front of you who lives. Is this This Activity which is which can be frustrating. A very singing frustrating at times but leaves it with excitement and the for sure that that massive Asif that must've been very inspiring. Yeah and for my current supervise up I would say When inspires me the most about her is actually her Lucia style? He 'cause she is a very very kind person but she is definitely not a pushover. That sense yes. She's a very very kind person. One one thing that was actually my most successful tweet about that you said to me was always trump as the best version of yourself that is available to you on each particular day. So She does not get upset when some things don't work as well when sometimes I'm really really tired of stuff like that which happens But she is really understanding and I realized that one of the most important things in terms of Pushing your employees I guess at he's from my point of view is loyalty because she has such a kind person that even if I hated my project and so on and even if everything think were would be super difficult I would still continue to work on. Its because I also also hope project so I wanted to be good so Yet and I think that's people blonder estimates the value of loyalty intense of achieving goals. Anything kind of all the people who believe more in the rat race diaper reality Yeah they they I think they have. They probably wouldn't put loyalty in their in their equation. But I read that. It's it's something very important in enriching and that kind of creates a bond that's stronger than than just. Hey your employer your employees or something like that but one of the things that that This kind of brought to my mind is in Europe in Switzerland and Germany as a Woman in science How do you feel that? The status of women beaten at your institute or in university. How easy is it or how hard is it? How easy or how hard does your Supervisor have it in inner institutes and the also the the follow question is our girls that want to get into science care how much successor they have in in in in getting into the to the low main In your experience So for my supervisor in particular I think she has it quite easy because everyone likes us. Everyone wants to collaborate with hub So she also just had a big Career jump and became like also responsible for something. Nothing else again. I'm not sure how much I can give away about this. But I think part of it was also bad. She just has a lot of empathy and also has has an understanding of politics like Institute politics and so on so I think in that sense it is well. I don't know how difficult it was. Faw Aw Ha I think there has certainly some difficulties but I think she does it really well so I'm curious whether things are getting better and better with time and we we're in two thousand twenty. I hope they are and And I wanted to get your your poll. The pulse of the State of the recently my institute has been hiring hiring There were lots of open positions of and two or three went to woman Also I was as part of the hiring process because that odd different comedy so that's also PhD Student Post there's a Pi comedy. And then there's the actual comedy and everyone is kind of giving Advice I have seen a bit behind the scenes and what I know. Is that when a tie between a man and a woman then the woman will usually get the to support gender equality so right now in Switzerland I guess it is a good time to be a woman in science Yes in terms of is difficult for me to say because Still at a PhD student and Post level that a lot lot of women and it suddenly usually gets a lot less when it comes to professor nevels level. And I'm not there yet so far I didn't and feel like health bank toy I wouldn't know how a distant future I cannot really comment on that from personal experience but right now like I said I didn't feel like a tall by being a woman would just what you mentioned about Having a having a kind of a mechanism to tip the scales a little bit and and bring balances is just a great thing. If it's done by institution it's a good thing now you just said something that piqued my interest and we're almost getting to the points of the interview but which was Europe part in committee that that Has Something has some say in the hiring process process in your institute. Is that something that all the students do or something that you yourself Got Into somehow theory everyone can do it. Bats lodged in practice. Most people think they don't really have much say it is true. We don't have much say because of the end and the hiring process there are so many factors so many different different factors that not even the comedy has as much say as we think. It is really complicated though because Usually the committee then then give their favorite candidates to the university and other universities as well no but all experts at reasons. This is not a good match so I joined it more for the experience to read some Sivvy's of Some applicants and see how people will alter experience a bit like the Ten pint of someone who is interviewing because so five only been interviewed and I realize there's some people who have horrible To not do that. A one person for instance. That's what she was opposed dog and she was applying for walk position as a tenure track professor something like that and when we asked her what is a weakness what she doesn't like her response was. I don't like it when people at other nick and I feel this is like the worst thing if you want to work in an environment with very ambitious people so this was something for me. I wouldn't say this but yeah I wouldn't say there's any way but yeah. It was interesting to see the hiring process from the other perspective back very cool and and I think it's very very very good initiative because you're gonNA YOU'RE GONNA learn a lot and you probably already are like you're like you're mentioning and For sure now whenever when will have to interview beats for academia outside academia. You'll have this. You'll have all this baggage and oldest oldest learning. This is this is a very good very good takeaway from this for the listeners. Out there is she can think parts in In the different institutional mechanisms of wherever. You're you're setting where students are supposed to take part in. Do because you'll meet people. There's there's there's a network the networking aspect but also you know you learn the ropes of something. That's a little bit outside of what you do on the bench every day. So I but really Kudos for you to do this apart from all of the things that you already. I think I think it's a an example. People should follow definitely.

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