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Owe It is coming back with another season and we are no. Yeah. Kobe's wearing everything through you know across or including its uniqueness filming. Can you fill budgets are so many things happening right now? So but I think that's you accepted you doubt and whatever the next new providence. What is your daily life like? Day in the life of of Evie. Now, with your like, what do you do when you wake up? What time give me your day to day routine my daming teasingly our daily routine day. Usually wake up around six hundred seven. Grand fluctuate but is usually between six and seven. I wake up right away and I always chain her ray I changing out from working at home unchain Ali shoes in the house when her morphine like I really kind of shifting work mobile the first thing I do is. I. Get Myself Out of the House right away. So I go to starbucks or Dunkin donuts vices, nominee obligated rings the or some kind of beverage I do drive go outside immediately after vice. Brought to use your. Dunkin. Like I go on the House but in Sweden I wouldn't allow sugar. That's where. Issue but I go out. Crazy. Crazy I go out I come home immediately go into work mode. So I'm a day my shoes will sit in my office because now roll-call mid on kangaroo. On but I did adapt like created studio at home. So I did certain things to embrace situation out and sometimes they'll have to travel. It's rare. Now sometimes, I'll have to go out usually doing my work from home on from my Home Office pending what I have in the around I'll get myself in twenty minutes thirty minute lunch break while completely check out a simple way for myself in an alley without watch something entertaining. Let my. That's just a have to myself a great than I go back into it in around six or seven like today. Around, seven PM have Jitsu. So once I said that go on, I'm done I. Go into my nineteen might routines. Do most of my Straw outside of work soda routine is some kind of workout. So today's going to be Jitsu. Tomorrow might be running the day after might be working out in my garage, but every day do something physical..

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