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What you hear is not true. I guess that could be that. That could be the good news. The silver lining here it might be that most of what the news media is reporting is not actually on the other hand, that might not be the silver lining because because they're trying to paint a rosier picture than were often finding in places like Seattle, for example, and in Portland and beyond. We are at 8886309625886319625 and I've got to say the You see, the mayor of Atlanta yesterday came out and called the the latest police killing in the United States of Rashard Brooks. By a police officer Garrett Ralph called it murder, said it's murder, no trial, no charges. Just fire him and call him a murderer. That's the mayor of the city of Atlanta. I'm going to make a prediction here. I'm not cardiac or anything, but I can. I can make predictions here and there, and here's my prediction. What do we have? Over the weekend? 18 Atlanta place officers resign or leave the department? And I think you're probably gonna see more of that. But hear more broadly, we're going to see a spike in crime in Atlanta and across the country because police officers I think they're looking around and see that you know, you don't have to look far for the handwriting on the wall. It's writ large in spray paint, and I got to say, I think police officers was talking about a little bit yesterday. But more and more are lacking the support of their own place, leadership. And ah, and certainly of the elected political leadership in cities across America. Typically, Democrat mayors and on if I'm a police officer, I know I got to be looking. I'm going to be talking to my wife before I go out in the and the morning and I'm shooting up and putting on my body armor and my firearm and and I'm heading out the door. I think that you know, the wife has got to be saying, Listen, you know, don't do anything stupid. And, you know, don't do anything at all. I think might be the advice and I'm just betting money here that police departments and police officers And families of police officers all over America are kind of frozen in place at this moment and saying, Well, where is this going for us? And on the left, looking to defund the police and more place officers injured and violent attacks last night, which the media always refers to as mostly peaceful at a bare minimum. I've been pointing out for years now that the media phrase Mostly peaceful means violent that's like from the liberal to English translation dictionary. Mostly peaceful means violent. You can't be mostly peaceful. You know, Charles Manson's life was mostly peaceful, has made henchman Tex Watson, his wife. His life was mostly peaceful, You know, until he murdered all those people in Los Angeles, but mostly peaceful and when they say mostly peaceful what they're telling you as it was violent. If it's a peaceful protest. It's a peaceful protest. Mostly peaceful, isn't it's like you know, in the military, there's an old phrase they have the term friendly, fire friendly fire. It's a terrible thing. But the axiom of the military is friendly. Fire isn't and mostly peaceful protests aren't See, that's how that works. More place. Officers hospitalized last night across the country and attacks rocks, bricks, that kind of stuff and in New York City, it they got creative there. And this is kind of remarkable 13 police officers who were on you know riot patrol where they decided to go get some lunch at the shake shack. You know, generally, I like the shapes. They have chocolate shakes. I like shakes and they're good burgers and stuff. However, you know could be a problem. If this were a lefty thing, there would be a nationwide boycott of shake shack starting today, but it's not a lefty thing because they you know they're anti police. The Democrat Party, Joe Biden, all of them from the top down, anti place anti lawn order, pro anarchy, pro cast, pro arson, pro looting, pro attacking the police. That's that's you there. But three NYPD officers went to the shake shack and they got some food on lunch break, and apparently, they got milkshakes because it's called the shake shack. And before you know it all three of you in the hospital and it looks like there was bleach or some other kind of toxic chemicals in their looks like they're shakes, and so they're in the hospital that's called poisoning. They've been poisoned. And now the police say that they have launched a thorough investigation. And that they've determined that there was no foul play of any kind. That's what I said. They said After a thorough investigation. It's lickety split Throw investigation didn't take very long by the NYPD is Manhattan South Division. You always hear about that. On TV shows about caps Manhattan South It has been determined that there was no criminality by shake Shack's employees because it's not illegal to pour bleach in the end of the milk shakes of police officers, I guess, And that's the night again. I just if you're NYPD D now, did anybody else at the shake Shack fall Ill? Apparently not just these three police officers. They were hospitalized, and it looks like bleach or some other kind of toxic chemicals. And the police. They did a lickety split investigation. You know, not exactly the Warren Commission and they came back and said, Oh, no, no Criminality is that mean no foul play, no criminality. That's that's what I said The Police Benevolent Association disagrees. They're taking issue with with the conclusions. Of the but that's kind of an amazing start. Here's that scene. I don't know if they know how to do police work in New York anymore. But if these are the only three people at that shake shack that got sick and had to be hospitalized. You see, that is a data point that might be of interest to investigators don't want to tell him how to do their job ready. But if those are the only three people that were poisoned with the toxin when they went to this particular shake shack. That would be that would be how would I say suspicious? I think that would be suspicious. And I got us out here. Here's that might like toe like they throw out. I'd like to hear from from police officers. I know it might be an uncomfortable subject. Police officers had police families as to what the conversation is these days about all of this when you're sitting in your cruiser when you're you know, having no lunch at the shake check when you're at home with the wife over the kitchen table. Talking about the rest of your lives. What kind of conversations Air police officers having right now as all of this anarchy and anti police violence, and the anti police spasms, the frenzy that has been launched by the Democratic Party and honestly, I've been saying this for years, but if you're a police officer, and you're voting for Democrats But you What do you think? If you're black, and you're voting for Democrats? What do you thinking? Honestly, I mean, I know Republicans are no great shakes. But Democrats, they're dangerously psychotic. And you know, you have given him the keys to the car. For like, 60 years. Now, maybe it's time to reconsider. Maybe re negotiate the relationship or something like that. But I would I would love to know what police officers are thinking and saying to each other and what's going on over the kitchen table at home with police. You know, I was talking about it yesterday. A lot of police officers are fleeing their jobs. People stepping down dozens scores of them in Buffalo, New York, after that, that older protestor guy was knocked down by the police. And immediately they goto charge him and hang him and no no support from your superiors and 65. I think members of the emergency response team stepped down in Florida members of the SWAT team step down because I want to be put in this position. You know that where you're going in hot, And this is going to lead to a spike in crime. And it may be a long lasting spike in crime, but definitely to an increase in crime. You stop placing you reduce policing you increased crime is there's no mystery here is pretty obvious stuff and on the you know the Democrats. They're good with that, because they're waging a war against police. And I guess this is really about getting out the black vote. Maybe. Maybe they're more concerned than we know that President Trump is going to take more of the black vote than the news media is telling you. Maybe that's the issue that the Democrats have..

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