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Like I said Greg I used to think that this was an option this taken away from me and I'm not so sure that this this country this world rotates very well without the anticipation of the curiosity of live sports because in our daily lives we just don't have enough tingles enough things that they they can get us excited and curious and not know the outcome as we do and we have sports and and that that is just been I think exemplified over the last couple weeks so badly we need not want not optional but how badly we need those in our life well we really do I mean you know just listen to that little piece of play it was that the twins there yeah that was phenomenal and you heard the crowd in the back yes you gonna be out are safe at home we don't know until the plays you know right now you take the crowd out of it what would have been like him come around home plate yeah I mean the guys would do celebrated together but they wouldn't have had that same feeling that they have with that crowd explodes like that and you know a lot of it and we go back to wrestling Mike you know the people we were different than the football players and the baseball players and hockey players you know the people who watch him play but they didn't they couldn't get close to yeah they had the uniforms on they didn't really get to see the faces and wrestling they saw your face that got involved in your emotions and they got emotional about it a lot of them put themselves in that position where they wanted to bring it in the ring whether it's I'm wrestling Bobby Heenan and he's the bad guy and they want to see me kick the crap out of them they might want to kick the crap out of there bought a box and they get that feeling out of yeah you know and it's the same thing with base what you see is what you want to be constant note there right you want to go in there flex your muscles exactly you know you played a lot of sports you know what it's like yes it is funny yeah it isn't it we get a crowd there it's even more fall I mean it just you can't explain the feeling of it to anybody that hasn't done it in it hasn't been in that position you know it's interesting that I talked to Vikings are played in the air the play of bread farmer named in through there and I see what was the highlight of your career and I'm not good I'm talking Adrian Peterson Chad greenway been Lieber a number of a master took in you know what they've all said the game at New Orleans well they lost the game and Norris go to Super Bowl it was incredibly disappointing because they look like they're gonna want to go to the Super Bowl but the point being because the electricity the ambiance you dissipation the crowd the noise that's your number one memory that's how powerful that is Kathleen yeah it is I mean that's what you know I go back to them right there's a few other means a lot of we had a lot of really good arenas the rustling in in good matches and I always go back to that feeling I had in the ring you know when you get down and you get that or you are going into doing this speaking engagement I try to get myself in that mind set that I am back in the ring if you get that adrenaline flowing and you know everything comes easier and you can relate that emotion to the people out in the audience and then they feed off that if you don't have that this is the feed off the people in the audience it's hard to really get yourself that point to make a really good delivery I guess yeah what whether you're just doing it on the field or in the ring or even on your radio show I mean it's it's got to be hard for you but usual grading motion thank you I listen to you and I can I can get myself into what you're talking about and get the feeling of it but it is tough because you don't you don't see anybody when I give a speech J. C. people I see other reacting to I feel I'm going too long I'm going over there to good mood today or not today you can't do that radio just frustrated me about this medium but you have to pretend and yes still bring the energy did you kiss that you did you look at it when you came I would imagine resting crowds you didn't have to do a lot of paperwork but did you did you look at it is your responsibility to create the energy in the building or once I mean those people paid to see you perform it was your job to get them involved and I get I remember match we had in San Francisco in the cul palace and that was that people were a long ways away from the ring it was a big building and it was really hard to feel the emotion of the people that we're arresting Tito Santana and Rick Martel will how do you get that draw well I tell you this was and it was a really it's a really tough crowd in San Francisco yeah so we go out in as Martel and Santana go out in the ring the people are already doing in growing B. S. B. C. S. yeah and then we come out we get the same feedback yeah we go oh my god eighteen minutes into the match and we heard we heard all this is just it's horrible eighteen minutes of the match we had I'm standing who are you cheering for they just were cheering for us we don't care who they are yeah or we finally grab that crowd and we would have going forty two minutes of the next twenty four minutes we head up standing the whole match it was you would you make a decision on the fly as soon as we got it now let's extend this thing and you don't pay them too soon became well usually one you just you you have you get such a feeling that everybody gets pumped up and you just everything gets going better everybody gets stronger and we came out of the ring and we went back to the locker mo we got back there everybody on the card these are all you know from ray Stevenson Nick Bockwinkel by Vernon Baron von ranch ski they all came up and said it was the greatest matches ever see really yeah and they said that is that crowd is where the heart is crushed in the country and that was unbelievable and that's what you learn as you travel over time right I mean we we know because we've been no Jesse told me that he used to sometimes they bring him in and you just have to do a pose down in other words yeah the crusher might be that the match of the night but and yes you would come in he would he wrestle he just to oppose I think you can say that the crowd I was just a really good though a reading the tea leaves of a crowd he was he was good at talking to people in the arena yep and they did they hated him so much and he he he wasn't very good in the ring and actually put it into donis that's why sometimes you just to oppose Downey when he Russell right yeah in India and we Kerry the match usually get Jesse and went where he had control of it so yes yeah one would look good but but yes he had that he had that he made of people he made people hate him yeah you know and they wanted to see him get the crap beat out of Bobby Heenan was probably the best of all of them I mean they hated him so much and you know that was his real personality but they want they want to see him get the crap beat out of them and most of the time that's what happened how about buckling call yeah he I mean he was saying he was a little different he was you know the people they didn't like him he was arrogant right indeed by design yeah he was like that in the ring and another ring okay it was the difference you know back then what you saw in the ring is what you got out of the ring so so but but when it did the skillful for your dad or whoever else was to say okay I need I need an arrogant guy I need a Jesse I need an Adonis but with the E. we can't have all the same kind of different right well yeah everybody's there it is just you go back the old westerns if you don't have a good guy and a bad guy yeah what happens there's no there's no movie right right and in the people it was and when I went back when I was going with with the hockey and football baseball in the the people didn't get to relate to them as much because they didn't see their faces we did the interviews so we did an interview and we have to be a you know you have to be yourself and you have to show some emotion to to get the people involved and they would either like you or dislike you yep and even sometimes you know we got booed hello I mean we wrestled in places where we got booked in on you know you just keep doing your thing but they don't get that they couldn't get that with the football players or the baseball players hockey players yeah so they they got they got so into you that when you got the ring they either love you or hate you and that but really you fed off that and we don't have anybody in the arena I think they don't now I don't know how to make the case to a much wrestling on TV the other night W. WWW and coming up with the wrestling at the performance center with with no people yeah and yeah and the matches were doll yeah you know it they were just all yeah because you need the guys look out into the crowd in in in support and say something you need that will even have to be you feed off the crowd was the crowds excited about yeah it's like a comedian when he gets the people laughing yeah you laugh right with them yep exactly you know you feed off them and if you're a comedian you don't get any laughs here it's hard for the people watch and it's harder for you up there you know when the whole queue center ring you did what well it was funny I was with him in Los Angeles when when my brother about grace United went out for the premiere on the fox network and hope was there yeah and you know he left the NWA and kind of bad yeah and then he called me over and we started talking and he said and this is where I go back to the ring Fauria he said you know you're the guy we were in Chicago at the Rosemont horizon sold out we're wrestling Bockwinkel ray Stevens and Jerry Blackwell woman are in the hulk yeah they get the ring in the up by being with them we come out we get the roof hit the ring and they bailed out in a hoax did one of his whole call cops in June was standing on one side of them and I was on the other and this is what Paul told me he said you're the one that said Jim grabbed my teachers T. shirt and we both took our damages toward off of a real slow yeah and those people what absolutely what happens you know from that time on we didn't have to do a whole lot they were into it the hall because the hawk the local stock market he said that day that's what I had to do every time I went the rain he said you're the one that gave it to me then so Hey man I wish we could do it all night we will defer night but thank you so much is always fun to have you on because I can hit that on switch you know that I get good stuff from Greg Gagne so keep working out I also sometime we'll see each other health club again I hope so otherwise you know you got that big Jim at your house with yeah if the virus if you know after the two weeks are now to the end of April you know invite me over come on overall class unified love to hide things Greg lake take care given that Greg Gagne always just fun to.

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