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Just Click and be the lucky winner. Click here and that's so thoughtful of Jacqueline. Because she gave me actually two different places that I can click and it also gave thumbs up in a big smiley face to really increase in two hundred dollars gift card for each place. That you my gosh. It's a loophole. And they shielded with the links are to their bit links while that that hello dear is reminding me recently have noticed a trend of like wait staff being like. What can I get you my friend and I was like. Is this a new psychology? I haven't I don't like it. Here's the thing like I'm feeling friendly. But they're not my fucking friend. You gotta earn that. I think every weight or have is my best friend. So they're doing okay. I feel like I like. I'm a great tipper. I feel like I am like inadvertently you know like reinforcing this behavior. 'cause they're like Oh. She probably left a big typical calder. My friends I love. How big tip. Because then they tell their waitstaff friends in your area. And then before yeah. Everyone's got this high end probably to blame. Yeah yeah trying to think ahead a waitress ones. Who called me something that I couldn't stand a leg? I didn't tell her to stop or anything. God what was it feels above Comey. Tinky winky through all of the hard to be like I think. Can you stop calling me? Take you get your thinking. Winky man both better that I was trying to come up with some funny just like you guys both just like home runs. I'm even have anything bad. Well then we could just get into it anymore. Fronts.

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