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I'm working on a project. It's taken to some very dark places and destroyer was the project that she was filming at the time. So she cut it to the little intriguing promo for like a year ago. So yeah, I think it's going to be great. And I think that it's, you know her in a couple of other actors recently have really committed to working with directors in a much more conscious, you know, like way. And I think that's exciting and and you know, I'm ready for a Karen Kasama Oscar campaign. Oh my God. Yeah, let's so cool. That big little lies season two is all Andrea Arnold. Like John Mark fell ache like, you know, help build this franchise and it's like, no, we're going to give this female Centric franchise. I think the actresses has something to do with that anyway, but injury Arnold think there's there's so much to be said and hasn't said during the me too movement. The sort of idea of putting your money where your mouth is like really doing the work to and like these women who have stature in Hollywood, like Nicole Kidman or Reese, Witherspoon, etc. Etc. Like it feels like they do have they see this as they're like, oh, here's our chance we can push with this because this is our moment to push for this. And I think it really underlines the people who aren't doing that who are maybe a little more talk than action. So yeah, it's easy to imagine a story or kind of movie that can't get made until someone like Nicole Kidman signs on, and she seems to wear of that power. She has to to push the project. She cares about along so good for them. So let's see if I can do what's in theaters. Now, briefly, rich, I feel for weeks of talking about you talking about the wife, which is the Glenn Close movie that I think premiered at Toronto last year and has been in theaters now. And I think in this happens every time Glenn Close does anything. That's good because she is one of those actresses who famously has been Oscar-nominated many times and never won. So the ideas that maybe this could be her shot is this shot. It feels like it. I wrote a review in mentioned that that for the first stretch of the film, like maybe the first third or issue, she doesn't have a ton to do. She's kind of a more passive role. She is just the wife and she sort of on Jonathan prices arm who's this author who's just won the Nobel prize and they traveled to home and she's reacting to things and she's encloses amazing doing that in a very subtle way. But as the film builds towards its big climatic scene, she gets more and more. And then when that scene arrives, it's just this like incredibly rich and rewarding. A bit of big angry, forceful acting from gun close. It feels almost the wrote in review that I almost wanted to see it on stage. So I hope it's enough to register in the movie is getting pretty small roll out. You know, I think the movie surrounding this great Lynn coasts performance is just okay that has not, you know, sadly affected other best actress campaigns in the past. Lots been written about that. I mean, she was nominated for Albert knobs, which was fine. Yes, that's exactly right. And that was that was a Glenn Close as only nomination since the eighties. She got five Oscar nominations within a very short period of time in the nineteen eighties and then got nothing until two thousand eleven for Albert knobs. And so now seven years later it'd be nice to see her back in. We'd be her seventh nomination, and she's one of those actresses who goes under seventies. Now she's getting up there and it's like, let's not let that opportunity to give Glenn Close one of the best actresses who's been around in the past thirty plus years an Oscar..

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