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A personal level and also recognizing their responsibility as leaders in if corporate enterprise that really govern the planet and trying to change it or regrading walmart could have a lot of impact given their scale and they reduce packaging on something they can really have an impact but yet underneath they want more sales more consumption i just wanna say thank him back up a little bit i i think walmart didn't go there by themselves they were very involved with the environmental defense fund in figuring out to the sustainability steps and this is happening with a number of environmental ngos collaborating with companies to kinda push them to move them beyond their comfort level and my understanding of that situation has the environmental defenseman kind of alan jr them take a lead on this look what's happening and trying to push them and they went along with it and they have become a leaner and thereafter customers and suppliers are following one big victory this particular year was this past halfyear smithfield foods which is kind of the largest park producer i guess they sell their stuff to walmart walmart sells it to consumers change their whole system out to reduce emissions by like 25 percent and change how they deal with their hog farms to maybe remember reading about methane emissions from north carolina when all that rain was happening about half a year ago is like a huge problem all this state and they too worked with the environmental defence front and i know that the world wildlife fund and the world resources institute they're all collaborating with businesses to move them forward adam davis how would just say that a walmart wouldn't deny that they have an norma's impacts neither would unilever nor would three armor ford or anybody who has a major business but that doesn't mean they can't also view leaders in solving problems but in fact i would argue that if you want to solve a problem you gotta go where the problem is and the the problem isn't just in ben and jerry's ice cream and tom's toothpaste it in transportation and mining and energy and beat making buildings and the the real stuff of our economy where most of us working we're all of us consume products from so if we're going to make progress in this we obviously have to engage with all these folks but what lender lies you all of this is more is growth.

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