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And reverend louis farrakhan man then we have news anchor anderson cooper and tv host el lindsay generated and would be cushion goldberg we they go to pms nbc and the communists news network cnn now i have my conservatives favorites sean sanity and of course and not least larry elder statesman balls eyes some every day that's enough for today the aaa eight with dribble governed one there's a g aaa nights of one 74 three we're talking about this bizarre exchange between laura ingram and the mayor of baltimore over baltimore busing highschool students to the anti gun rally and laura ingram dare to suggest that given how crappy your schools are that you've got six schools were not a single person can read and write a great level and here you are spending this money going on ah anti gun rally would you spend money going to a a pro life rally and of course the the mayor just kept talking and talking and talking wouldn't answer you'd how much money they spending per capita guess how much of spending per capita six teen grand per capita in baltimore we talk about that in just a second but first the tax cuts and jogged act is now the law of the land and the bill included the creation of a twenty percent standard luxun the doubling of the child tax credit and the elimination of high tax bracket in favor of brand new lower once all of which adds up to more take home pay for you and less money in the hands of bureaucrats in dc the law also lower taxes on small business owners across the country allowing them to invest in their businesses which means more jobs and better job for everybody and higher wages well in fact millions of you have already experienced the benefits of tax cut through bonuses bigger paychecks and benefit bumps so that's what this election it's all about the upcoming cycle do we let the american people and small business owners drive economy or do we allow politicians and bureaucrats in.

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