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This event paid for by exit polls USA seven hundred W. L. W. what you order the books fourteen nothing Cincinnati Bearcats obviously scored first today gets the UConn Huskies and that's unfortunate for UConn head coach Randy Edsall that some money he has the most unusual contract if any football coach in the country we took the job a couple years ago his agent said it's not really fair to build in a bunch of incentives based on wins in all games because it's a major rebuild so instead they built in all sorts of incentives based on that for example when you cut scores first he gets two thousand Bucks if they lead in rushing yards at the end of the game he gets two thousand Bucks if they win he gets ten thousand Bucks if they finish in the top six in staff in the week at the end of the year he gets ten thousand Bucks it's almost to the point where like the gain of six there's nine dollars and twelve cents it's the strangest thing I think I've ever seen his base salary is a million which is obviously good eats yeah but in this day and age in this conference is the lowest paid guy Randy Edsall cores this is Randy Edsall two point no he was the coach here well at UConn awhile back when they kind of came out of the one of the labels in that time and went to greener pastures and is now back in the course you've gone has not been able to recover quite honestly since he's been back here as we all know they ought to leave for the big east really up in the air what they're going to do with football it is far as the scheduling conflicts for the time being they'll be independent third down and seven officially for Cincinnati at the Yukon twenty eight yard line this is the first play of the second quarter the Bearcats on top fourteen nothing they line up with two receivers left into out.

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