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Overload our 809 41 Sean, You want to be a part of the program, you know. Now we see this battle this pushback states now one after another, saying, No, We're not going along with critical race theory being taught in schools, or, you know the other institutional indoctrination of kids with values that contradict the values of parents. Mean it's now a big problem. Whoa! Curriculum. It's actually a real word, and it's getting worse than ever. And parents are, you know, stuck in a rock and a hard place because they're like, Okay, What do I do As a parent, these are not my values. You know, we've told you about the tunnel twins books. I mean, they're great, and they haven't from toddler to teenager but Most people just discovering it even though millions have found it. So last night, we I told you the story about this yesterday we had on Hannity Yomi Park. Now she is a North Korean defector, and she went to Columbia University and when she came to the United States actually transferred from after she was able to get out of North Korea. She got into China was unfortunately her and her mom got dragged into the the sex slave industry, and she was able to escape that makes it to South Korea's attending college trying to advance her life gets an opportunity to attend an Ivy League school, Columbia University and she speaks in great specificity in detail. About what she experienced at in in schools in America that shocked her. I mean, she's literally. She was born in North Korea escaped at 13, sold into sex Slavery in China, escaped after two years went to school in South Korea transfers to Colombia. And she says in this interview that we had last night and she said to fox news dot com that I expected I was paying this fortune all this time, all this energy to learn how to think. They're forcing you to think the way they want you to think, he said. In an inch. In this interview, I realized Wow, this is insane. I thought America was different. But I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea. I really started worrying and the similarities including anti Western sentiment, collective guilt, suffocating political correctness. During an orientation she was, she was scolded by university staff member she had the audacity to admit that she enjoyed classic literature like Jane Austen. English, she says, is my third language. I learned it as an adult, and I sometimes still say he or she by mistake, and now they're going to ask me to call them they have. How do I incorporate this into my sentences? It was utter chaos, she said. It felt like they were aggression and civilization. She even said this. Even North Korea is not This nuts. North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy. Her words not mine. Um, and it's just a sad story that we hear over and over and over again. I have a few cuts of her. Um, here, she says to me last night that indoctrination was as bad as North Korea. And you think the indoctrination in the United States at our Ivy League institution Columbia? Is as bad or worse as the propaganda anti American hate that you heard in North Korea. So when I was in North Korea, first thing that I learned was that Americans were bastards. It was actually the one word at school when I was attending, they told me, Actually, they just math problems saying that I follow Mike ambassadors, you 22 of them. How many American ambassadors left to care. And as a child in North Korea, you have to say to American investors. And when I came to America, a guy like I fell in love this country. This is such a wonderful country. I've never been accepted more than this country was And as a Columbia University literally. Every professor was saying that you know, the problems that we have on today's world is because of white men how they colonize Africa. How cause I mean Asia, right? That's how they mess up everything and they are the one who who needs to be blamed. And I couldn't believe that I am I sitting in North Korea's classroom or in America. Actually, I couldn't believe why people are hating their own people that much. Here to discuss debate and and how do we deal with all this? Gregg Jarrett, Fox News legal analyst host of his own podcast. Now the brief Adam brand, um, is with us. Freedomworks president. He wrote a book, A Republic, Not a democracy, By the way, just out today, you know, Greg, You don't think it can happen here, But it's happening, and it's happening. And it's getting worse. And for somebody from North Korea with her, her tragic background and and life that she lived comes to America reaches you know, an Ivy League institution to make this type of commentary. Should scare the hell out of everybody. I mean, she said. They're brainwashing students at Columbia University, she said. You know, the first thing you learn in classes. Safe space. Every problem, they explained to us, she said, is because of white men. You know, this is the woke culture. This is critical race theory, which is based on the fundamental premise of everybody should be judged by the color of their skin, which is anathema. To the teachings. The dream of Dr Martin Luther King. That's not what civil rights progress was achieved for. And these institutions they're not teaching you. How to think they're teaching you what to think. And the what is what they think. And you know, I'm very happy that my daughter recently Told Columbia University to take a hike. She was accepted into the master's program. She looked into Colombia and realized Hey, there's something wrong going on their indoctrination and Yemeni parks, right? You know, In many ways, it's like North Korea may be worse. I mean, it's that bad. Adam your take on this well again. I think this started not in college, but it starts when people are young. Unfortunately, this indoctrination is happening with our kids as early as Kindergarten or even pre kindergarten right now, the optimism that I see is this year I've seen a surge of people getting involved, like I've never seen before. And people are realizing that school boards are elected positions and they are accountable to their voters. And I am seeing activists turning up at school board meetings, unlike any other time in my career and demanding that things like critical race theory gets removed. This is actually gonna be one of the positive effects of covid. There are people are realizing how much more they power they have. In the classroom. So in the long run, I'm optimistic. I'm seeing people win on school board races. Throwing critical race theory out just happened in Dallas. I'm seeing happen across the country. Talk about critical race theory and explain in practicality what it is because and why why states and school districts are banning it left and right in the simplest forms. Most of us believe that the base theory behind America's this concept of liberty that the founding fathers laid out and if it's American history as an evolution of trying to make a more perfect union. Critical race theory says no racism is the founding US value in every single thing you look at goes back to race and racism. So in that sense if you're not going to be racist, it's not enough to be about chasing Martin Luther King's dream of judge me by my content. You have to be anti racist. And who tells you how to be anti racist while these people pushing critical race theory and it changes the way you instruct kids and across the country people parents are saying enough is enough, and they're supporting you. School board. That are ripping this out of the classroom. And if we don't do it, it will be one of most infectious diseases that infects our our kid Minds and your take on a Gregg Jarrett. I agree, 100%. In fact, I'm looking forward to reading Adams book. And not a republic, not a democracy. Incredibly relevant in this day and age where the woke culture if you do not conform if you do not abide You will be mocked, Ridiculed, demeaned, you'll be banished. You'll be canceled. You'll be censored. You'll be punished and that's you know, that's not what schools in democracies are all about. This is a venue as a country and our classrooms or a venue. For the free exchange of ideas and information. However wrong they may be at times, however controversial they may be at times but you know, we're taught to express ourselves. We're taught to think..

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