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Crews both directions. Selman Expressway. Twin Gandhi Boulevard in Willow and on to 75 both directions between the Howard Franklin Bridge and Dale Mabry. Paul Cross news radio. Few clouds around this evening. Watch for a scattered shower temperature near 81 degrees. 77 degrees to start Wednesday morning, a mixture of sunshine and clouds kind of breezy throughout the day. 88 degrees for a high temperature. Expect a few clouds and developing showers and thunderstorms. Second half the day at 40%. Same for Thursday. 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms High of 89 degrees And then for Friday Watch for the possibility of morning rain with the southwesterly flow 88 for a high temperature and mostly cloudy throughout the day. South winds 15 Nazis to two for a moderate, choppy waters. I'm news Channel eight chief meteorologist Steve Jer VI. News radio fella now streaming on your Amazon echo and over 2000 devices by the I Heart radio ad. From me, too. Wait. Thiss is coast to coast Am with.

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