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Either one, and it's it's pretty amazing. You know, one of the things I noticed in there. Not only in your stuff. Not only. Do you say that you're doing better than you think you are? But you are intentionally speaking to moms and dads to take charge. You want to you want to speak courage to them to take charge to not let the inmates run the asylum. I love the way you think you're absolutely right. And you know, we've given kids sort of this power. We make them the center of our world. I mean, look at what's happening in, you know, the Hollywood, and the, you know, the paying off of you know, coaches and coaches and colleges to get their, you know, their lovely perfect precious. You know, kid, and and and what happens is cheers need understand. You know, we run the home. Are we need to teach our kids had a follow our lead? We need to teach them how to be good people live with integrity. He disciplined person and understand that self control and discipline and virtues are what really make a person successful in all areas of life relationships work, sports, any extra curricula activities. So it really is about teaching parents. You know, what you've got to be in charge. You got to set the boundaries and life. How much more fun in the home that way it is? And it's not some kind of authoritarian, toxic harshness or something. That's not the issue. I mean, I used to spend an abnormal amount of time. It felt like convincing my kids that everything were discussing all of these boundaries have absolutely nothing to do with me. Yeah. There because I love you, exactly. And you're going to do this because I'm bigger than you. I love you. And it's what's best for you. And we're going to start with dad control and over time with critical thinking skills, we're going to teach you self control. Yes. Exactly. And that's really what our job is parents historic to impose control on kids when they're younger. So they understand this is what it's like to live with rules and boundaries. And then as they get older, we begin to transfer some of that responsibility to them so they begin to to to take on self discipline and self control. So that when they're ready to leave home these kids who really know how to control their behavior how to excel. And if we live sort of doing things for all our kids all the time in letting them do whatever they wanna do. We really set them up for sale. Failure. And I see this with kids all the time. And so really I'm going to go out there, and he quipped parents and say, look you can do this. Here's how you discipline your kids and discipline isn't a bad horrible word. Lena. Like, you were talking about it doesn't mean we're gonna crack down on our kids. It'd be mean it really is about teaching kids how to live life. Well, and you have to be a strong parent in this day and age to parent. Well, you know, great parenting is not for wimps, particularly in a culture that's trying to take our kids down with all the media and the screens and cell phones, and that kind of thing, and so any parent can do it any parents can take charge of their home and really helped launch the kids in a good direction. Well in the nineteen fifties. If you watched television, you saw children who were respectful of fathers and mothers and today, the star of all the shows. Is a smart Aleck out of control kid that in my house would have had major problems. Yeah. Medically stated, but yeah, I mean, he would have experienced pain had he run his mouth like that. At me. You know, what really is an kids when they're allowed to behave that way are miserable. And I get I can't tell you how many letters and questions. I get from parents saying my kids are doing this. My kids are doing this. They're telling me, they hate me the writing on the wall, they wish I weren't here. They wish I were dead. What am I gonna do? What I say what what are you gonna do? Yeah. And I wanna give her a cell phones for her thirteenth birthday because I want to encourage inspire her. I said what? You know, so parents nurture stupidity away. And you can't exactly and I think a lot of kids are running rip shot over their parents carrots are miserable and they are miserable too. And so parents need to take back the lead. And that's what I really hope to to teach them to do and encourage them to do in these conferences and in an effort to love our children well into nurture them. Well, as a culture, we have moved over the line in too many times in too many cases to where we made that made the culture so kids Centric that when they get out in the real world, and they take their first job and somebody tells them, it's not all about them. Oh, yeah. There's shocked. It's the first time I've ever heard that they think the access of the world runs through their little head exactly one of college. Admissions officer was telling me one time, they often have difficulty because kids come come to college, and they have to live with a roommate, and they're not used to living with another person they have their own room, and do whatever they wanted. She said, it's really very difficult even in a small thing like that to get kids to understand you need to share you need to think about other people, and we really really from a biblical standpoint its idolatry.

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