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Word. And it has to do with acceptance or the percentage of people that will actually do it. They mess in that report like long COVID. What kids even get COVID, let alone get long COVID, which is something of a myth. I just found the whole thing. One more report about the kids and this is another one called the 5 year old vaccine update. And this is on PBS. Let me see 5 year old. Oh, got it. Number 5. The Food and Drug Administration formally recommended Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for young children. The CDC makes the final decision next week on the lower dose shots for 5 to 11 year olds. Meanwhile, thousands of New York City's police officers firefighters and others refused to comply with today's deadline to get vaccinated. They'll be put on unpaid leave starting Monday. In Illinois, a federal judge refused to block vaccine mandates issued by state and local authorities, some workers there had sought a restraining order. I have some stuff on that as well, but I just like to go back to the new words that you were talking about. I'll take being a new word and long COVID. Check this. And Miriam Webster dictionary is out with this year's crop of 455 newly added words. They range from TBH and abbreviation for to be honest to super spreader to fluffer nutter. The sandwich of peanut butter and marshmallow cream. And for fathers who eat too many fluffer nutters, there's dad bod. All right, let's look at some of the new words. And there it is. And I had that exact same clip that you just played. Oh, really? And it's like we're going to go look at the new words. I will say they picked, they just picked up the top three. When you look at the press release, this is the first three words on there. That's all they had to do. Yeah. Yeah, this is how lazy the media has become. Because they're so funny words in here. Well, let's look at the coronavirus words first. There it is long COVID. Right off the bat, new word, we played it, and right away it's in the dictionary. Definition, a condition that is marked by the presence of symptoms such as fatigue cough shortness of breath headache or brain fog, which persists for an extended period of time such as weeks or months following a person's initial recovery from COVID-19 infection. So it's a thing whether you believe it or not. Vaccine passport. Now the question I have vaccine passports in there, which is your fave. No, it's not, but is the how is vaccine passport a new word? Thank you. Is that a phrase? Why would it be worse? Webster website itself, they're saying these are new words. A physical or digital document providing proof of vaccination against one or more infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. But then there's also super spreader. I think this is a new word. Yes, because it's a word. It's actually a word. They do hyphenate. It's an event or location at which a significant number of people contract the same communicable disease often used before. So how about hysteria? Often used before another noun such as in super spreader event. The term superspreader originally referred to a slightly or to a highly contagious person capable of, oh, this is a change. This is interesting. The term super spreader originally referred to a highly contagious person capable of passing on a disease to many other. Many others and now can also refer to a single place or location where many others are infected. So they have an old usage. And then typhoid married be the oldest. And then again, two words break through medical out breakthrough. No, just break through. Category medical. Infection occurring in someone who is fully vaccinated against an infectious agent often used before another noun such as breakthrough cases or breakthrough infection. I'm going to go out a couple. Do you have the list of COVID? I have to ask in front of me. From words from online culture and communication besides TBH WTF, maybe that's already been accepted. But this one gets me is because yes, did you see this? Yes, I did. It's very interesting because, instead of using the word in a traditional sense, which is, you know, as a connector or because of this or that, you should say, because now how can we use it differently these days? Well, because oh, God. I just did. That's it. I'd like am I right as a new word? Am I right all one word a.m.? Who do you remind me now? There's a couple in here. That's a social media thing. Yeah, I think I've heard it. Digital nomad, by the way, it would be peculiar. Deep platform. Not finally, that word never has a dictionary entry, and now hopefully it will. And the definition to remove and ban a registered user from a mass communication medium such as a social network or blogging website broadly to prevent from having or providing a platform to communicate. That sounds pretty evil that way, doesn't it? Yeah, I agree. Now here's one that got me which is copied pasta. Oh, brother, I didn't see this one. I don't know what this means. Copy pasta is a data processing term supposedly. It's been copied and spread widely online. It means something has been copied and spread widely online, copypasta can be a highlighted meme, or it can have more serious intent with the political or cultural message. I have never heard this word. How is it now a new word? Have you ever heard it? No. Is anyone in the troll room? Have you guys heard this bull crap word? I think they make these up and put them in. Just to see if we were paying attention. Let's see all the time. Okay, boomer. Oh. What's she going to get daddy? There you go. No, it seems like a lot of people have heard of it. I've never heard copy pasta. You're just out of touch. Oh, thanks, hold on. Let's kick that person out. Who was that? Kick him out. Mystic. I'm kicking you out. There's a couple more on where they have AstroTurf, which I thought was an old term that's long since been defined, but okay, we'll skip that. What about ism? Yeah, that's another fan favorite. Vote a Rama. Vote a Rama. How about small ball? Which I thought was something affliction you get. Small, the other thing is what small ball on here? Yeah, small ball. Yeah, there is small ball. Small ball, which is an old, old, old term. I'm surprised it's not hasn't been on here before. They're going to use these terms. Small ball goes back to Billy ball in the 70s, I think, are the 80s when Billy Martin was the manager of the a's, and he was a master of playing small ball, and it's a type of approach to baseball where you just nickel and dime people to death with a bunting and squeeze bunts and steals left and right. It's not new. It's not entirely it's not even used anymore much. Does nobody play that kind of baseball anywhere they go with the definition? And offensive strategy that involves at bats that advance one or more base runners into scoring position. In basketball, a game strategy used on speed and agility of players as opposed to height and physicality. More in general, a strategy for progressing towards a goal by proceeding in small steps or by addressing small.

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