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Thermal that onto the subaru snow has john from source later casino i'm here to give you the greek news there were now presenting our new seafood celebration in our award winning jubal thing and here's the best part were featuring some fabulous jumbo schramm boundaries in your old favored dungeon crib arena under the week an all day on sunday assery dungeness crammer back on the map they learn every night the week so come on down to the slipper and let us be your host on the coast good time at the louvre's lytham wwl sports flash the safer back to work today for the beginning of mandatory workouts the black and gold embarked on a three day minicamp that's open to both the media and the public one newcomer who has gotten to show out of it is receiver corey fuller coach sean payton was asked about the impression fullers made on the coaching staff rookie smart and i think he's a player the wrong well i think he's going to be someone that that finds as well not only often for them and if so far is picking things often the understands what the one selfie payton was also asked about one of the undrafted rookies has begun making a name for himself in the secondary arthur mullah he's got will compliments and a vision the names on those guys that there was a priority for you a lot of time and energy went into it i think you know he someone play the middle and splits get a free well mullahs in the local product having prep the bottom ally save minicamp continues tomorrow and is open to the public heath open a ten fifteen tomorrow morning with practice running from a letter from eleven until about 120 elsewhere in the nfl giants receiver odell beckham junior reporter for the team mandatory minicamp today after skipping voluntary otas beckham waffled during interview sessions of two whether his sitting out was due to a contract dispute beckham cross the ninety catch thirteen 100yard and ten touchdown thresholds last season for the third straight year wwl sports flashes brought to you by bud light official beer the seats from the latest on the saints lsu and the pelicans follow us on twitter wwl am fm or visit wwl dot com i'm marc menard.

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