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Sixty five degrees right now You may well known him from his fan. Tabulates role as simon drake on how to get away with murder with queen violates. Here's the thing. If you know anything about me. I i say my to queens are elliott and viola davis With beyond to one beyond season third. I love beyond say but like missy has has like ha owned the music industry since i could open my eyes. So yeah yeah. I just can't believe you got to meet her moving on. He has also been on an end. The shy the good place chicago pd. You're so talented. King rat older children imperfections and so many more and as he just mentioned he originated the role of abe and the pulitzer prize. Winning and tony award nominated play disgraced. I feel like i should be one of those movie Trailer voices ray. That's a good. That's a good amount of money like you know like in a world i would just say anna world. I wouldn't do anything after that. It'd be like in a world..

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