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Those jokes are just made without a lot of thought. I don't know. I think the seal hunt thing in particular, if we're thinking about an American audience and knowing that like the co creator of the Simpsons did come to Newfoundland to like offer money shutdown. Seal hunt yet thinking about a US audience in largely US writers team. You could make the argument that making these kind of jokes is probably something that's gonna stick with people, though, you know, some people I talked to when reporting the story were saying, you know, given that new, you know, come from ways, the most popular one of the most popular musicals in the world right now in kind of the image of what new Flanders actually like to the outside world is kind of changing. So it was kind of caught people off guard. But it was such a weird in like almost like violent derogatory joke that doesn't fit with like how it's the places perceived to the rest of candidate right now, you have coming here to offer a million dollars to buy out feelers or whatever. Like, I think I think that definitely. That's like that's what for me makes it sort of like, that's where the mouse comes from like, I think he is because he was basically told to like get out you moron. Like, you're not gonna buy off an industry with a million dollars. Like, you know, like you're not going to go to the terrorists. And it'd be like, here's forty five bucks. You guys wrap this up? So like, so I think yes, I think the writers like definitely like he's still very bitter about that. And probably always will be clear. Same simon. I'm pretty sure he's he's dead. He passed away in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen fifteen. You know, his spirit Levana and this extremely brutal joke. But I wanna talk about drew something that you tweeted in the midst of people being upset about the joke. You said the only new joke that offends me is this provincial election exclamation, Mark. Exclamation exclamation. Mark, folks. Cute tell our listeners, you might not know that aside from the Simpsons making a joke about Newfoundland that there's actually an election happening in Newfoundland. Yes. There is an election happening here. There was supposed to be an election twenty nine hundred anyway this election year because of our fixed election date law there were rumors going around for like a few months starting late twentieth. That there might be at spring election. And then they could have persisted. And then people kept acting the government is going to be a spring election. And they're like, we don't know the and then one day the pretty MIR's like, yeah, we'll do it before school gets of the end of June. So everyone's like, okay. So definitely spring election could be anytime the next three months and then in the beginning of April. They started making all these like really lavish extravagant bombastic announcements like the Atlantic accord renegotiation, which is like a thirty seven year deal to give us two point five billion dollars. Which is sure that's great. And then like all sorts of new money for infrastructure beginning at a new prison. They're going to build a new mental hospital on a flood plain. It's going to be wild. There's going to be a rate mitigation plan flow, muskrat falls won't destroy everyone's Bank account and force everyone to leave. It's. Yeah. And then so then they so then they dropped this budget fig bump ethic budget that was basically informed by McKinsey and company consulting report. And then the next day, they just like, we're also doing election. So the budget died and turned into the platform. And now here we are like two weeks into election that has barely started. It seems like that ends in another week. So that's pretty quick time line, which is you know, a couple of weeks of announcements a couple of weeks of announcing big money. But what are the major issues that this election will be decided on Holly? Can you tell us a bit of some of the issues your seeing one of the biggest issues that's on the voters minds is as you already mentioned paying off the Mosca falls project and kind of dislike anxieties that people have about. This and for listeners don't know what it is. It's kind of this massive hydro-electric project that was built in labrador, or it's I guess almost completed but has come under a lot of controversy for being way over budget too expensive questions about how well indigenous groups were consulted, and as well as now the just providing too much power for the province to use unclear how they're going to be able to sell it. So the one guaranteed stream of revenue for that. In this funding. They figured out was the rate payer like the rates from the residence. So as it stands right now like rates could get really really expensive as like a pretty cold place. People are genuinely worried about how they're gonna keep living here when this project is finishing comes online. And a lot of what politicians have been talking about over the last year's kind of. It's it's like a cloud kind of hanging over every other issue in the province, but you know, like health spending the aging population, which people expect will put. More pressure on healthcare costs that are already really high. And I'm just saying you have how to manage dead and how to get out of the financial situation of the provinces in because. Yeah, this kind of the issue people are worried that young people are gonna move away not wanna stay here because the economy's really bad and for the most part there's a lot of between. I would say the liberal premier that. We haven't power right now in the conservative government is the kind of the closest rivals in polls. A lot of kind of the the premier saying will we've already started all this good work. So just trust us keep going because that government made this bad decision for you, which is to build this project. Conservatives are saying while he had his chances not good enough. This a lot of like back and forth finger than the other parties kind of disliked trying to they don't really have full slates of candidates. So it's kind of considered to be too hardy race. But yeah, I think people are kind of frustrated because. Neither end. None of the leaders are really like the most charismatic or popular people at the moment. I would say so yeah, I think issue that people are talking about now is just kind of like how the voters really excited about their auctions. A lot of ways it's basically like it's in the election really is in should be about the fact that the province is facing slash is. In the midst of a number of crises all of them, compounded by muskrat falls this. We really need to be talking about the big pitchers shit here a fundamentally vote like how this is gonna work going forward. This election is symptomatic of political system that is in grave health and possibly terminally. But the election like you said really the contest between the government has like everything is like turn around things could be fine trust us, and then like the PC party, which is still not come to terms with its complicity in this fast. Go called muskrat falls who tell by basically like, I don't know. Chaz Crosby latest science the Crosbie family. He's here to avenge his father who never got to be premium or whatever and some weird long tangle, you'd family dynasty stuff with the equally more imperative. They're both like yelling at each other lake. Your bad penny. No, you're the bad party. And like the other parties couldn't even get full slates together. And the province is just like, I don't know, man. Like, it's like, we talk. There's a lot of the grievance of deliver just in Canada and stuff Canadian Twitter related like new, it doesn't even compare it to the province here. It's like every it's like an emperor has no clothes situation. Like everybody knows that everything is fucked up, but for a variety of reasons, the people that are actually in charge and can do things about it. Like will not were cannot discuss it. I like what we've seen though in Canadian politics and in western politics, more. Generally when there's that level of statement politics amongst the dominant party players. And that's usually when either third party or a third candidate or some sort of other force comes into play. And I was just looking into. I was watching sort of clips from the debate and the one that kind of struck me just because it struck some of the same tones were seeing elsewhere, can

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