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Positions and the politburo and central canadian up for grabs is there any sign that there might be might spacing more women in israel's our would if only i could say yes i can't say yes partly because it owner who's going to be occupying these roles but partly because such as think the the masses against them i mean you you are absolutely right and if i was struck when i was inside a great people seeing these serried ranks of especially the people who are up up at the top terrorists who sort of the hundreds who were the most privileged were behind pressman she there were very few women there i mean i think about a quarter of the delegates of the three thousand and say delegates who lead congress are women lots of them are in very low decisions and i get the sense and i don't mean to be routed tool but some of them were there because gomes reserve the the fact that they were in their ethnic dress was thing that was sort of the most eyecatching about their presence there is i think any two of the twenty five members of the politburo none of the members of the standing committee policy regime most important positions are occupied by women and you i've asked people y v sees an eye on i to be on his haven't really got a satisfactory armed said but i just think partly it's down to the authoritarian nature of china which is in a sense you can pick who you want for you delegates because in a sense there are answerable to not many people there aren't that many people newel banging the german indeed just before the congress feminists who is saying press we do meter has saudi more representation who fighting with says getting locked up tim thank you very much indeed tim francs there in beijing and more from tim throughout the next few days is that congress draws to a close here on the bbc world service now the allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against the hollywood producer harvey weinstein continued to mount up last week we can an article for the new york times the oscarwinning actress lou peter yongbo describes several encounters with mr weinstein who she met while still a drama student and speaking to the bbc on thursday the.

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