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A meanwhile there's a piece by charles de peers whose very anti trump but it's manafort he writes his muller's opening salvo and he points out ten months is all it took for the president's former campaign manager agai you ran the president's campaign for almost twice as long as evil genius steve bannon did and his principal aid meaning metaphors principle aide who was still hanging around the white house as recently as last june to get hold an fbi headquarters earlier monday morning to begin what may be several years worth of simpler perp walks ten months this is impressive look those two guys and and and the one is already pleaded guilty george pompidou nautilus they are in serious trouble under house arrest no really a ten million dollars bail let's go to eric in ferndale washington eric you're on the medved show a veteran thank your burkard call you bent of course when i got an honor on our house on pull out or timeless where do we get trustworthy issues like 300 it's a question is meyer here is a hillary is pro first it that we have grew across the political spectrum but yet so what your free and you know we are just are computer or where i see it see what they again limb i i i believe that hillary clinton as a politician and a somewhat typical politician but the idea that she is the most corrupt person and she's still walking free uh what what charge would would she have done because we now know the specific charges against paul manafort rain broker shirt here's the okay so here's where i go with it i look at the clinton foundation as a base word so the reality situation for what greer's reports i've been able to okay is basically she did she would involve with your area the rich she she wasn't okay it here this is one of no it's it's one of those things that gets distorted all the time on talk radio but uh if hillary clinton i think it's very very sleazy and i again i had peter schweitzer on talking about this with clinton cash during the campaign several times the clintons hound foundation was very very dubious because they were taking money that they should never have taken and was very tainted an.

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