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By red river technology decisions aren't black and white think red the nationals fell 5 -4 to the cincinnati reds in 10 innings and milli like vanilli blame it on the rain mackenzie gore's start lasted all of 17 pitches when rain descended upon that spark and stop play for an hour and 43 minutes riley adams you hate to see uh a rain delay in the inning second like that mack was feeling good and we wish that he could have stayed out there but yeah then you start thinking about how want you to work the bullpen and flip the switch and get ready for you know you're going to be here for a while both teams used six relievers to get through the game that was basically won by nick senzel he robbed cj abrams of the potential walk -off home run ninth in the inning with a dazzling play at the wall and then homer to lead off the 10th inning the ford game slide at 705 with trevor williams taking the game's first pitch the oreos laid a 14 -1 beat beat down on the yankees to earn a split of the four -game series in new york gunner henderson homer twice drove in those runs on five hits kyle bradish pitched a six inning shutout for his fifth victory on the mound this season francis tiafos on to round three at wimbledon beating dominic stricker in straight sets to advance to a matchup with gregor demitroff on saturday fellow american tommy paul won a long four -set match while taylor fritz and ben shelton were eliminated american women advancing sophia kennan and jessica kula rob woodfork wtop sports the following ouncement for our soldiers fighting overseas in public safety it can be tough to stay focused when they know their families may be struggling eagles watch wants to help lighten the load and you can help by donating a gift card of them out we'll make sure they go to military and public safety families who are in need please mail your gift cards or donations 200 lawyers road number 256 Vienna Virginia 22183 or go to eagleswatchfoundation .org and click on the gift cards for the home front lane when traffic is at its worst BOP is at its best I just wanted to thank the people who have been doing this for live reporting I'm a millennial so we are used to looking up the news on our phone and then I realized I was like wait breaking traffic news traffic on the interloop is beginning to move they

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