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Have a piece of here to do some things in the sun belt, and they have a real horrible performance in their game against Louisiana Monroe. They were touchdown favorite in that spot. They lose that game forty four twenty five but Georgia Southern place Troy this week. So I think another thing you can kind of look at here at this time of the year is maybe teams that aren't accustomed to being in that role. And then play that big game. We talk about look ahead spots. All the time. I think sometimes they can be very very overrated. And I'll touch on them in my situation piece this week with a few of these games. But in that respect, they're not overrated at all. When you're a team like Georgia, Southern and then all of a sudden, you're on Troy with almost essentially that part of the sun belt, you know in the hanging. In the balance there for that game. It they even even tougher spot for a team like that so situation. Hey, Takami, very very big at this time of the year and to circle back here real quickly to the big road favorites, fourteen or more, I'll give you an example of one game here on the card this weekend SMU is on the road at uconn. And we've talked about Yukata tawny here on this show giving out a lot of stats about just how bad their defense is giving up forty nine points to Tulsa, get another indication of just how bad Yukon is. But my number on this game is about I think twelve and a half or thirteen in my power ratings. Maybe I haven't adjusted SMU up up. Maybe I haven't just Yukon doubt up even though they're the worst team in the country for me this game SMU off of a win over Houston as a two touchdown dog. They're going on the road to what's probably going to be chilly. Connecticut venue early kickoff. Eleven AM kickoff for them. Twelve o'clock eastern time in a traditional sense. I have no desire to lay eighteen points with SMU it's against what Paul ratings, and there are a lot of extracurricular things about this spot that doesn't set up. But then when you look at that set and you consider for SMU here. They're five three games left this season there at con they host visit a night game on a short week. And then play at Tulsa, they need to win. You get to a bowl game uconn won an eight lame duck head coach also you had their head coach Randy Edsall a little bit of a court battle. Because I I'm just reading this. Now, this is something I didn't know about he hired his son as an assistant coach. And apparently, the state of Connecticut has a bad on nepotism hires. So they were going through this process behind the scenes, maybe the players don't think that Corrientes should've been hired as the head coach or as the assistant coach. So you have all these problems going on. Why would a foreign five SMU team be three SC? Core favorite against Yukon. As you start putting the pieces together, that's how and your power ratings generally aren't going to account for something like that. But maybe SMU is the play here this week as crazy as that seems. So again, you have to have a different kind of mindset. Hey capping in the month of November for college football. Yeah. I there's no way I wanted that uconn in that spot, you know, like you said that actually against my our ratings. But that's that's okay. With me. You know, I would really like that. You hasn't. Mabel, stop anybody. That's been quite a bit better thought they'd be here to season. And you know, certainly the situation wearing to more than two touchdowns there with a SMU team that you think maybe they're not great..

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