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Asian heritage and what it means for like is representation activism like being a major thing we talk about and then someone else you know that end then someone else on our team who just joined her major sports management and that influencing you know, Oh, thinking about the athletes right now who aren't playing in conferences because of Covid, how can we reach out to them and they have a huge influence? How can they increase voter participation and their influential circles? And so having. Our team dynamic be that way I think produces a lot of variety of episodes. cognizant of our limits until I want to hear more about you can't how do you decide? The guests that come on and. Are you know how do you increase the diversity of? People. I mean you've been doing this for. So as to someone just starting out. I love to hear more. Well, that's a great question Helen I I would say it's different because I'm the primary content developer I don't have a team per se we do have. Guests or potential guests that are recommended by listeners, and so we take those seriously and we do a little vetting and. there's that but as far as I because I am kind of a team of one mainly. It's really on me to be much more broad scape in what I read what attention to or. Trying to get help. In finding out what some of my blind spots are. So, definitely bringing you on. Here's great example You know I saw your little first. Introduction of yourself on the Asian broadcasters facebook page and I thought. Wow. Now here's here's a whole demographic kind gen Z. that I think we need better representation and This Helen seems to be a mover and she's getting things done and I like her energy and I'm going to reach out to her. That's kind of how that happens. There's there's another segment that has. to our delight, which is There are publishers of Asian American writers. Authors and stuff that have now come to see us as a good way to market their books, and so they'll reach out to us and You know some of these books I would've normally paid attention to I'm reading one now by south. Asian woman of two collection of short stories that I haven't read a collection of short stories in forever right and it's like, oh, but it's through South Asian American. Lens I. This is very different, right so so I'm constantly trying to push the boundaries on myself and and. So, that I guess on that actually kind of makes me think and and really ask questions because I really have questions and I think that's helpful for a lot of the listeners because they get to learn along with me. Yeah Yeah I really liked the way he put like learning along the way because it were far from perfect and it's a constant process and I really admire how you stuck to the podcast over the years just because. You know the I I used to be really confused about. You know having a support of ethnic space that makes any sense but to see how people can encourage each other people you know being the first ones to read the books by these authors like you said, that is incredibly supportive and. I. Hope we can learn, but we just had like an outreach meeting today actually started talking about like. How can we grow our listeners and who'd be interested in our podcast, and if our goal is to get out the vote like we need to get more listeners because we can't just keep circulating the same information throughout our own circles, right right and so definitely have a lot to learn from you. I, mean. That's another. Criteria that I picked some guests is like. This guest potential guest have circles that we haven't penetrated with our podcast, and if we bring them on and it's a good, it's a good conversation and they share it within their circles. Is that GONNA help us to some degree I think it always does. Now you know in your case, you're really looking at a young adult API demographic. I I would think you know some of the. Some of the places in social media where the exist. If you haven't penetrated them yet you know and and Kinda put it out there that you exist I would strongly encourage that. I think during this shutdown that a lot more people are listening to podcasts just. Because they got a lot of downtime. So. Yeah. I would think your mission is vital is to increase the percentage of young adult Api Gen Z. People in this upcoming election. You're definitely a Democrat that's another reason why I'm having you on. The, because we want the same thing you know and and I think the other thing that really sold me on bringing you on and and helping promote your worth is you're a Bernie backer and yet you. In right on the Biden, harassing I. I'm part of other little social networks. Bernie. Backers are so pissed off still and they're not happy with the Harris pick that they're just saying they're going to sit out right and I have to just bite my tongue because I don't WanNa, make them any matter than they already are. It's okay to feel. Upset and be in grief and and that kind of stuff but there's another part of me. Helen does it's like. Okay. Got, it Bernie's endorsed you know Biden I mean we have to join forces. There's one job it's November third we have to stop a second term. Because he's going to be trump is gonNA be unchecked, right? So I thought wow, I want to hear from someone like you who maybe you went to your anger and your grief but now you're all on board and and you know talk a little bit about that. Because I think that younger demographic that was really excited about Bernie you're trying to reach them and get them excited about Biden What's that all about? How's.

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