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In regards to impaired drivers on the holiday stretch. One had a gun Providence Journal says the police say troopers say another was driving with a switchblade how about this one with a counterfeit registration plate and the presence of alcohol state police said even clocked one guy going at one hundred and fourteen miles an hour. Sixteen people charged with driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs over the holiday stretch. That's according to the state police those arrests span the period of December twentieth to January the second when the state police crackdown on drunken driving over the busy holiday period. Driving with a switchblade interesting a years long legal dispute between providence a city councilman and the state rep apparently is back before a judge hears won't Beutel from eyewitnesses. Luis aponte pleaded not guilty in two thousand seventeen to four criminal charges, including embezzlement for allegedly misusing his campaign funds years before that court documents indicate in two thousand five the providence democrat helped Lincoln state Representative Greg Costantino with a providence tax hills. But when the deal fell through records show, the city gave up Ponti a thirty seven thousand dollar check, even though it was Constantinos money in a deposition tied to Kostantinos two thousand twelve lawsuit. A party said he paid ten thousand dollars back to. Costantino? But when asked where the rest of the money was a Ponte said, quote, the money was spent I mishandled the money. So I thought more about the Ponti also said during the deposition he tried to work out a payment plan with Costantino. A judge would later grant a default judgment against a Ponti for just over one hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars that amount remains unpaid with a Ponti telling us he hopes to resolve this issue this year, he will be sworn in on Monday, a pre-trial conference on the criminal case is scheduled for Tuesday as well you till my witness news and target twelve Mark Reynolds in today's Providence Journal says in the city of Cranston, the garden garden city alliance is on a mission to organize robust opposition against the developer's proposal for golf related entertainment facility on the expensive former citizens Bank property route right along route thirty seven that's new chapel view both the planned walk through of the site at one hundred Sockanosset cross roads on Saturday morning and. Public hearing before cranston's plan commission at seven PM on Tuesday commenced in high school east. They're important to the campaign. That's according to the opponent from the alliance in an interview on Thursday with the Providence Journal critics from that alliance told the pro-jo that the proposed top Gulf facility would bring unwanted additional traffic to the area as well. As light and noise pollution saying that we're not opposed to a development of top golf. That's according to the alliance's, founder Pauline DeRosa. She said, it's just not appropriate for chapel view because it's going to add another layer of traffic there the project site that's a twenty two acre parcel of land. That's Jason to cranston's central public library and Pawtucket credit union and other nearby properties. That also buffer the site from the closest neighborhood with single family homes developer of the project is the carbonaro properties. And they tend to rent the proposed facility to top golf, so neighbors. They're not in favor of that. In Fall River during special meetings on Tuesday the city. The council voted eight to one to hold a recall election of March twelfth that couldn't see second second-term mayor Jesse career. According to the Fall River news. The potential candidates can now take petitions to collect three hundred signatures from registered voters on Friday from the board of elections. So let the recall begin supreme court allows the foxy lady strip club in providence to reopen temporarily excuse me gentlemen's club. The club was ordered closed last month after several prostitution arrests were made and the city's licensing board then revoked all of its licenses but the State Department of business regulation later said the establishment could get its liquor license back. And now the supreme court ruling yesterday restores the FOX's entertainment license while it appeals the decision to close it down permanently. Now, the court did agree to take full arguments in April. If the matter is not solved in mediation. In the meantime, foxy ladies VIP area, though has to stay close because that's where the alleged behavior took place the foxy lady, according to the providence. The journal was on the city board of licenses agenda on Thursday night. But was pulled the request of the club before the state supreme court ruling, the court's decision also referred the case to mediation, usually that's a sign that the courts prodding both of these sides to settle their differences. The ruling gave the club its food licensed back as well. The liquor license was not before the supreme court. Now, a spokesperson for providence, mayor Jose allures his office. That's Emily crawl. She said that the city is reached out to the department of business. Regulation for clarification of what the supreme court decisions means for the liquor license asked if the police department's going to take any extra measures to monitor the foxy lady, Crowley said that the police would quote evaluate that decision. And we'll determine how to appropriately respond within the coming days. All right. Here's my bold prediction on what's going to happen. Foxy lady will continue to run it will not be shut down permanently. But those VIP rooms will be shut down permanently. So that's just my prediction put that in a mayonnaise jar and see where it goes. When Rhode Island developers under some serious scrutiny now following some military housing probes. Here's Tim white. From eyewitness news, we're providing a much better product today that was providing the past Rhode Island developer, John in his East Greenwich.

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