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On. Like i think this new system. We're going to have to see how it plays out. Provides is levels of wang yields allow blacks in particular because honestly You do have to take a look at the whole system. You have to take a look population of boston. You are andrew gaining if in the school system That there is at least what is it. I think it's over. Twenty nine point. Three percent of the population is black. Why is it that. You're not getting reflective about that are being admitted into your schools. What what is the barry If you're talking about the fact that You know in boston. I think it's about fifteen point. Three percent of the kids in the in the district of white. Why is how is it. That forty four point. Five percent of the who acted in the boston public schools white. So who wanna look at it from switzerland. Straight racial these there. We have to raise the prices. But what are the. What is the barry Two black students on being able to enter at the boston. Latin school and there are some structural barriers near institutional bags. And that is whether it is the way the exams were given whether it is the admission system that was set in place. There's relationship about those are the structural is that is who know your ability to understand what resources are available to prepare yourself. Much of which many of those didn't students did not have the relationship or have access to some of the opportunities so that they can prepare themselves to show up above and beyond what they normally do. The parents did good in school that they didn't notable take A of some sort of like the. Sat's the summary pick up there because we have somebody calling about the test. Donna one eight hundred four two three eight. two five donnas on the line from dorchester donna. Go ahead. I took the test to go to the exam schools and i did impasse but it wasn't because i didn't have the intellect i unfortunately Lived in home with domestic violence I was also Food insecure and. I had many issues..

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