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Are highest concern. Learn more at mass general dot org's I'm Cindy. Stop a W B Z 10 30 SE Nights, eight o'clock. This show is a construction show. But we will be talking about all the ins and outs of every other aspect of life tuning in on Saturday nights at eight o'clock on W B Z. It's 9 23 back out to the roadways. Now it's not been easy this morning, and in some sections that continues to be the case. We'll check back in with Lori Grandi. It's the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Well, Jeff, it's quite an operation that's going on right now attempted on 45 north bound over 1 10 because his large large pothole opened up the size of a car. Really? And so what they've done is they have pretty much knocked out the road way. You know, like this made this huge, huge rectangle over 1, 10 and Chelmsford and still just the one right hand Lane is getting past this project. I think it's going to go on throughout the day. Looks like that to me. Who knows? I don't know. Anyway. Traffic continues to be very slow going there back towards Boston Road. And they're making quick work of it, though I'm assuming route to East bound, right by Winter Street and Lexington work continues there as well. We're down to one lane and traffic is back to Pleasant Street. 24 North Bank continues to be slow from 1 39 to 93 never really recovered from not a crash on its roadway, but a crash on 93 in Braintree in Dude route 90 spot. Gonna find that slow going between Chestnut Street and Elliot ST Loup Rab. Traffic is where we're slow right now. Downtown. That's really the heaviest stuff. In fact, the lever connector is moving better force. But still the loop ramp coming off of the Tobin Bridge is heavy Lorry Grandi W. B. C's traffic on the three that's beautiful in Boston this morning. It's still a little on the chilly side. But we're getting there We check the four day Visi AKI Weather forecast Now here's meteorologist Dean Divorce. Yeah,.

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