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Containers keeping. Pet food indoors and making sure bird feeders don't spill under the ground and Mark Wahlberg getting into, the car, selling business in Columbus Doug Buchanan commerce business I telling fixed. Ten WTVN Woody Johnson the star has acquired Bobby. Layman Chevrolet on west broad street with the help of a business partner Feldman automotive group out of Michigan, the guy who runs that was working with Walberg on the one in in in Cleveland and so. Now they are kind of looks like Walberg is helping this guy expand and the burger business and now this guy is going to. Help Mark Wahlberg get into the auto business the dealership will be known as Walberg Chevrolet focus on the White House a, second Trump Putin summit President Trump asked his national security adviser John Bolton to invite Vladimir, Putin to Washington in the fall that's according to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders who tweeted discussions are already underway the, invitation was announced hours after the president tweeted he was looking forward to a second meeting with Putin Arlette signs ABC news the White House, President is, trumpeting is. Handling of Monday's summit with Putin on. CNBC suggesting he's been tougher on, Russia than any other president in recent history along with President Putin. Getting, along with Russia's a positive. Not a negative right now with that being said if that doesn't work out I'll be, the worst enemies ever had the worst he's ever had Mr. Trump says nearly two dozen companies and trade. Organizations have agreed to sign a pledge to enhance their job training programs he says. Students and workers need more opportunities to. Attain apprenticeship vocational opportunities and job. Training Richard Cantu ABC news Five twelve on news first at five still become Doug, Buchanan Columbus business first check central Ohio business news, a look at some financial, benchmarks in when you should be hitting them I'm. Daria Albinger that. Story coming up later this hour this half hour I should say Eric research check sports force right now seventy freeze we're. Headed for a high of eighty one chance for scattered showers some could be strong to. Severe today as well We'll keep you. Posted five twelve now on. News first at five for NewsRadio six ten WTVN The skills you can develop as a soldier in. The army national.

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