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Those groups have become one bold and willing to use violence to get what they want today we're teaming up with the podcast Bundy ville produced by Oregon public broadcasting and long weeks to see how the violence that started with the Bundys has spread but he will host Lisa Tilly joins me now Hey has gone so before we get to season to remind us what happened to the Bundys after those two standoff came to an end both of those ended with these trials that a lot of critics would say the government botch so with the Nevada case they ended in a mistrial and in order again they ended in acquittals for for the bunny brothers and their co defendants so what's motivating the Bundys mean how did they get to the point of the first stand off I think to understand the bunny family you kind of have to understand where they come from there's a real kind of anti government sentiment that a lot of people share you can look to win the Mormons came west in the eighteen hundreds part of the reason they did that was to get away from the federal government but then the government came to them and sort of started this idea that a lot of Mormons in that area feel that they were persecuted for their religion by the government so all this kind of led to Cliven Bundy standing off with the government in twenty fourteen so yeah how did those religious beliefs kind of drive this this confrontation with the federal government the Bundy is hold I'm pretty specific set of friends religious beliefs that a lot of Mormons would not agree with and in fact the mainstream Mormon church in Salt Lake City wouldn't agree with so my reporting led me to this thing called the white horse prophecy which is basically this kind of urban legend among Mormon communities that that some people believe Joseph Smith the profit of the church told early Mormons that they would settle in the Rocky Mountains and that one day the U. S. constitution would hang by a thread and it would be up to the Mormon people to save that from ruin now the church in Salt Lake doesn't think this is actually a real prophecy but the bunny family does in a lot of other people in these kind of anti government communities also believe that they believe that their fight against the government is in them actually saving the constitution from real in so where do the Bundys motivations and beliefs overlap with other groups that you've been tracking sense if you look at the the anti government movement you might remember things like ruby ridge and the Waco standoff with the branch Davidians and both of those events ended and people dying at the hands of the government a lot of those were kids so the anti government groups use those instances as recruitment tools times when they can say look that the federal government will come after people who live differently or do things their own way and they kind of turned a blind eye to the laws that were being broken by those people involved in ruby ridge and Waco so those events really informed Cliven Bundy in his belief that the government was after people so then when they came to collect his grazing fees he was seeing it as just the next chapter of ruby ridge and Waco but more recent turning point happened at the second by the standoff there was a shooting of one of the leaders of the occupation and that's gone on to inspire people to this day yeah and that man that was killed during the occupation was a guy named lavoy finna comes so during the occupation authorities had orchestrated a traffic stop in a rural area went with no cell reception where they could easily arrest the leaders of the occupation so we pull over these two cars and they arrest Ammon Bundy they arrest several other people but lavoy finna come decided to drive away from that traffic stop actually tried to blow through a road block drive around it into the snow and then he he jumped out of the car all of that was caught on tape and you narrate a force in the first season of Bundy fill the scene picks up right after the voice in a come jumps out of his car and warning this is tape of a police shooting someone fires two shots that hit the.

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