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Redbird music in our clients include a winged victory for the sullen. I had them. We'll see call and steps in dustin o'halloran cadran route they're hotel makers the estate of johan johannson and fulcher bertelsmann who also goes by the moniker. Housego cool thanks to him. Thanks for coming on welcome. Yeah good to see you again. It's been a few years. I think a couple i don't. I don't remember the last time i saw you. It could be the last time. I think that maybe i saw you was. We were in hollywood at some italian joint near amoeba having penny. I think so. Yeah that goes back louise Yeah we first met when you were at emperor norton but your entry into the music industry goes back a little further. Do demand mind given us. We're talking off off. Line a second ago about Your history here in the twin cities in minneapolis where i'm base currently but Yeah maybe just kind of give a few touch points on some of those early experiences and how you ended up emperor norton and eventually starting your own thing. Oh sure so back in the day. When i lived in minneapolis i worked for a concert. Promotions company called rose and they were The promoters of we fast. And i did. We did a rolling stones concert at The metrodome once you know big big big time shows So i was like a runner intern in Somebody called for gene. And i was answering the phones. Were they were playing golf and they were looking for a guitar tech for a week. Because they're band. Rusty was going to be going out starting in minneapolis at an indian minneapolis. And so i was. I'll do it all. I can do that for a week and live on a boss and something. I wanted to do my whole life and so you know i convinced the manager sandy to let me do it and after the week was up there was a show at the first avenue. The guy that was supposed to take over for me had something to do with shannon hoon and blind melon and so that was right. At the time we're shannon hoon passed away and so the who was supposed to come and take over for me was close to shannon. And so he couldn't do it because he needed to process and grieve. The band's manager said hey you wanna go out on the road for a year. And so that's how i started. And that's how. I got kicked up to i. Lived in in after the touring as rovers. So i lived in a tour bus for an per couple of years jeff rodgers had. He was the band's manager he also managed the crash test dummies at the time in his company's name was.

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