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With my mom with my dad with the county that I live in to find the area that that needed it most. And it was very fitting that they were in Poughkeepsie at the end of the day because that's where I was born. That's where I was raised a little bit with my mom at first and finding a community where now kids instead of, I don't know, doing being on the streets or doing drugs or doing anything after school. It gives them the opportunity to at least make the decision, maybe I can go play soccer now or put in the idea in their head that instead of this, maybe I should go do this now. And I think that's something that's super important is giving kids the opportunity, not telling them what to do, but giving them the opportunity to say, maybe this is a better path for myself. And here's someone that came from the same area as me and maybe I can try and be like him. You know, I don't want anyone to say they have to be Tyler Adams or they should be like Tyler Adams. I try and have the qualities that people want to have and be similar to me as possible. If those are the right qualities that resonate with them. So I'm really happy that we were able to find that place and do that. Yeah, I looked today all the whole opening in your video and I thought, God, the more facilities we have in this nation like this one. You know, in urban areas, the more kids we can get playing football who are not suburban, the bear off the future of U.S. soccer is going to be itself in the long term. Exactly. I mean, and that's all it is. The more that you can have that, you know, not only will the quality of players increase as well from playing a little bit of street soccer, like they have everywhere here in Europe, but it just gives them an opportunity to have fun. Roger, life insurance is not something most people like to think about because it is slightly morbid. Except on this podcast, what we've been having an ongoing debate over our funeral playlist for a power decade. That is right. We don't shy away from the grim realities of the Reaper roger and we encourage all the FOP to plan ahead, not just for funeral playlists, but

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