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This is radio free temperature on episode seven. Thirty four. i'm brian kilby. With this week we have everybody this week. Don't we we have chris. Yes john dawn. Hello die-cast i'm here rob in matt man okay Gosh there's Last week was pretty full week. It with our jaydee special. I came in sad news. I don't know if anybody else. I probably shouldn't break this news to you on the show houses kind of cruel but i learned that Last month or the enemy jd's cat ravage Oh way politics. Alex is still around but ravage health issues and he had twelve years. That's pretty good for a cat with hard issues. Yeah we're key yarn that's day. So was it ravaged or politics that But we don't know. I guess that was the the last thing to happen with. Jd the shock. This all was like a month. After he passed his Twitch went live and it turns out. His cat had stepped on his keyboard. Who's either ravaged your politics one. So yeah but that sad news but hey that's one way to show You know there's your we. You know i. I like using this time up front to talk about stuff. That's going on the plug things going to happen. But you know we're still kind of living in pandemic protocol not to not to the pit not that Things are locked down like they were. But like i'm still having a hard time adjusting to quote unquote normal life. Well i mean it is july. We should be talking about. Sec being right around the corner and we don't have an sec this year. There's no stc. Yeah i guess that's right. We're such a toy fair makeup day though aren't we that wasn't that suggested back in vermont..

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